Don’t ask me for my first love, my beloved: Who did Faiz Ahmed Faiz actually write this famous ghazal for? Facts you may not be aware of


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Lahore (Web Desk) Prominent Urdu critic Muhammad Hassan Askari had published a collection of selected poems of Urdu poets under the title ‘My Best Poem’ in which selected poems of all the eminent creators on the horizon of poetry at that time. And his self-written living conditions were included.

The poem that Faiz Ahmed Faiz chose for this collection was the same poem whose first stanza is the title of this essay, ‘Don’t ask me for my first love, my Beloved’. Faiz Ahmed Faiz wrote in his life situation Dr. Ayub Mirza writes in his book ‘Hum Ke Thahre Ajnabi’ that ‘Pindi is one of the leading personalities and influences on my poetry.’ Faiz and I sat on a quiet evening on the club lawn. I asked Faiz Sahib have you ever been in love? He said, “Yes, yes, and many times.” After saying this, they became silent again. ‘Seriously,’ I asked, ‘yes, yes, you mean first love, no, love is first, then everything is manipulated.’ Ayub Mirza writes that Faiz reached MAO College, Amritsar. He was in a strange state. The most important aspect of the first experience in the field of love is confusion. Faiz Nasir was lost in the city of Amritsar in Gomgo. Agha Nasir wrote that he met an intellectual couple in Amritsar whose names were Sahibzada Mahmudul Zafar and Dr. Rashid Jahan. Sahibzada Sahib was the Vice Principal of MAO College and his wife was a doctor by profession. Both spouses were Marxists. In those days a progressive movement began to emerge in Europe.

On the other hand, this was Faiz Sahib’s time of love. Faiz Sahib got in touch with both of them, then this relationship turned into closeness and longing. Ayub Mirza writes: Creating Dr. Rasheed Jahan’s eyes caught this lone lecturer and asked what was the matter. You don’t like any work. ”When Faiz replied in the affirmative, he said without hesitation: Failure in love and Faiz nodded in affirmation. Dr. Sahib advised, this accident may be a big accident of your caste but it is not so big that life becomes meaningless. ”He gave Faiz a book to read and then asked to meet. According to Faiz, he had read the book and fourteen sections had been illuminated on it. The book was the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Engels. And their mentality changed. He became the poet of the poor, the needy, the needy, the oppressed and the destitute. This was his first poem to express his feelings which is considered to be the most important milestone of his poetry. The lion and his ideas are the trust of the people.

Don’t ask me for the first love, my beloved … I thought that if you are, then life is radiant … if you have grief, then grief is the cause of eternal strife. What else is there in the world except your eyes … So whatever you find, destiny will be ruined … It wasn’t like that, I just wanted it to be like this … And there are more sorrows in the age of love Apart from the comforts, there are other comforts besides the comforts of Wasl. Do it … it is still beautiful, Tara Hassan, but what can you do … there are more sorrows in this world besides love … there are other comforts besides the comfort of connection … don’t ask me for my first love, my beloved Different people have named different cities about the city in which this first love of Faiz grew up. It is written that ‘Faiz Sahib was introduced to me by my elder brother Rashid Bhai and told about him that he is studying for MA in Government College Lahore and in Multan. In love with a resident girl. ”The motive and beloved of all the poems of Faiz Sahib at that time was this woman who was waiting for Faiz Sahib in her half dream Shabestan, the beloved with velvet sleeves.” Agha Nasir wrote his book ‘We’ve been busy all day’

While writing the background of Faiz’s poem ‘Raqib Se’, I wrote: The first love in all three tens was eighteen years old. The question was, “Why didn’t you get it in life?” Done with the landlord. ‘Then it was asked,’ There is a poem of yours in which you are addressing a rival, you have seen that forehead, that face, that lip. The life we ​​imagined. To whom this poem was about, Faiz Sahib replied, “It is also about him for whom Naqsh Faryadi wrote poems.” Agha Nasir writes that “This was Faiz Sahib’s first love. His girlfriend belonged to an Afghan family. This teenage girl lived in his neighborhood in Sialkot and Faiz Sahib used to see her coming and going through the window of his room. Since he was very shy by nature, he did not dare to talk. Zahra Apa said to me, ‘Faiz Sahib loved this girl very much. He wrote beautiful poems for her in his madness.

His love was on his youth when he had to go to Lahore from Sialkot for education. ‘ When we inquired from someone, it was found out that he got married. This news was very sad for Faiz Sahib. He returned to Lahore with a broken heart and for a long time tried to forget this grief. Then after a long time he came to Sialkot again and his girlfriend had also come. She brought Faiz Sahib to reunite her husband. Her husband was a very handsome man. Tall, meteor complexion, sharp features, masculine motive. After meeting Faiz Sahib, they both left but after a while she came back. This time she was alone, just to say, “You saw how beautiful my husband is.” In his article ‘Faiz and Performing Arts’, he has quoted Faiz Sahib as saying, Two or three elements paved the way. The first emotion that made us reluctant to express our suffering in poetry was that we fell in love as everyone else does at this age.

“At the age of 17, we fell in love with an Afghan girl who used to play with us as a child. His family came from Afghanistan when his father came. ”He settled in a village in Faisalabad (Lyallpur). My sister also got married in the same village so we used to go there to meet her. One morning when we woke up, a beautiful girl was feeding her parrot. She saw us, we saw her and they both fell in love and we fell in love. But we could not go beyond that. She got married to a rich landlord and we became miserable forever. For eight years. Now let’s turn to Ashfaq Bukhari’s research. She confirms this tradition in her book ‘Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Some New Discoveries’. She wrote: He was a lawyer by profession. When she gave birth to her first child in 1923, Balqis Bano’s mother Sultan Fatima came to Lyallpur from Sialkot with her three sons Tufail Ahmed, Faiz Ahmed and Inayat Ahmed. In 1929, Faiz Sahib came to Lyallpur for the second time. He was 18 at the time. Faiz Sahib had said the same in his interview given to Amrita Pritam

He was 18 years old when he first fell in love. The same thing was written by Saleema Hashmi. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a third year student at Government College Lahore at the time. One of Faiz’s aides, Shafqat Sultan, told Ashfaq Bukhari: There were very large rooms. In front of them was a very large courtyard. In these rooms, guests from Kabul used to stay. ”The roof above these rooms was reserved for these guests because the mansion was three storeys high. Our own family members slept on the third floor. The structure of the mansion next to us was similar. There was a wall between the two of them, but if I stood on one roof, the people on the other side could be seen clearly. ” There were many Syed families living in Haveli, they did not have an answer in beauty and charm. After the whispers in the family, I began to realize that Uncle Faiz had fallen in love with one of them. ‘ Faiz may not be the best poem but it is considered to be the most popular and undoubtedly his identity. ‘ Then in 1962, filmmaker Agha GA Gul added him to his film Prisoner. The musician of the prisoner was Rasheed Attar. This poem became so popular in Noor Jahan’s voice that Faiz Sahib used to say, “Brother, this poem is no longer ours, we gave it to Madam Noor Jahan.” )


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