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Breaking NewsGulf NewsEgypt announces a five-year plan to promote Human Rights

Egypt announces a five-year plan to promote Human Rights

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The Egyptian authorities presented the National Strategy for Human Rights on Saturday, a five-year plan that aims to improve the protection of journalists, promote political diversity and support trade unions and non-governmental organizations.

The Egyptian president, Abdelfatá al Sisi, has starred in the presentation of the plan. “It is the first comprehensive and long-term strategy developed in Egypt for the field of Human Rights”, highlighted a presidential spokesman, Bassam Radi, quoted by the Egyptian state newspaper ‘Al Ahram’.

The plan has been prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Samé Shukri, who has stressed that it is the result of the work of the Supreme Permanent Commission for Human Rights of his department, created in 2018.

“It reflects the firmness and political determination to translate into a tangible reality all constitutional, regional and international treaty obligations,” Shukri stressed.

The initiative contemplates expanding the “community dialogue”, the creation of a Human Rights Commission in Parliament or the promotion of civil society organizations, the minister explained. All this with four axes: civil and political rights; economic, social and cultural rights; rights of women, minors, disabled, young and old and education and development capacity in the field of Human Rights.

Various human rights organizations have criticized the “deteriorating” human rights landscape in Egypt under Al Sisi, who came to power in 2014 in a coup against the Islamist president elected at the polls, Mohamed Mursi.

Thousands of activists are in prison, some of them in inhumane conditions, and the state of emergency has been in effect since 2017. Last year legislative reforms in response to the COVID-19 pandemic gave Al Sisi more powers to restrict private gatherings and protests.

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