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‘Attention Seeking 101’ – Falak Shabir Trolled For Making Airline Staff Arrange Flower For Sarah Khan

Singer Falak Shabir is known to shower his wife Sarah Khan with flowers every single day without fail. But his latest attempt of asking an airline staff to arrange a rose for his wife on the flight is not sitting well with fans.

Ever since the two tied the knot, Shabir often shares pictures and videos of giving flowers to Khan. The couple welcomed a healthy baby girl named Alyana to their family in Oct, and she too now receives flowers from her father.

Image: Instagram

The celebrity couple is recently on an international trip to Turkey along with their newborn baby. While Khan and Shabir have been dropping glimpses of their picturesque vacation on social media handles, an in-flight video also surfaced online.

The video shows a flight staff bringing a stem of rose to Shabir who then hands it over to his wife and daughter sitting next to him.

Image: Instagram

Fans loved the public display of affection between the couple in their honeymoon stage. With the passage of time, however, they seem to find it annoying. Not that they have anything against it, they believe Shabir could, for once, give flowers to his wife without videotaping it and posting it on social media

Check out the video:

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While some called the gesture ‘scripted’, others accused the couple of ‘attention seeking’.

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Known for his displays of affection on Instagram, Shabir often has many celebrities swooning over his romanticism. It may be recalled that Khan’s co-star Gohar Rasheed recently praised Shabir for making ‘romancing his wife’ normal.

“Sarah Khan is a beautiful person on and off-camera,” Rasheed said in an interview. “Falak Shabbir is one lucky man. If I am honest, if I ever get married, I will be exactly like him [with my wife].”

Image: Instagram

“He has inspired me so much,” Rasheed commented, adding, “There should be husbands like Falak, who are not afraid to express their feelings. What are we so afraid of? Why do we always hold back? Why can’t men express themselves however they please? Why is PDA (public display of affection) so frowned upon?”

“We have normalized everything else,” the Laapata actor continued. “Falak would often visit the sets and the way he would look after Sarah is awe-inspiring. He is so careful, so responsible with Sarah that I can’t help but praise him.”

Meanwhile, Khan and Shabir have been keeping us updated on their parenting journey since they welcomed a baby girl to their family. Shabir often gushes about the joys of fatherhood.

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