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Mathira Looks Unhappy With Faysal Qureshi’s Comment On Married Woman

In the entertainment industry, women have always felt injustice in many ways and there’s no sign of equality. So many actors have taken a stand for women’s equal rights in an entertainment area, among them Mathira has always come on board and spoken for them.

This time she again took a stand when one of the most popular actors in Pakistan Faysal Qureshi talked about the difficulties they have working with married women in his recent interview. Mathira highly criticized him for his direct comments.

Source: Express Tribune

Before jumping to Mathira’s criticism, have a look at Faysal Qureshi’s comment and his context.

Mathria criticize Faysal Qureshi’s comment on married women

In a recent interview, Faysal Qureshi said, “This has been a bit of an issue,” the actor shared, adding, “I think it’s because women end up getting married and taking care of their children so it’s more difficult for them [to continue their careers].

Source: XOOM

When I worked with Sunita [Marshall], she would always be worried about her kids. Shaista [Lodhi] would always be on the phone and would tell me how she didn’t know how to focus on work.

When we were doing Baba Jani with Savera [Nadeem], she’d have [her children on video] the entire time. She’d be taking care of her kids and doing scenes at the same time.”

Source: GEO

He even further explained that after marriage woman’s career takes a back seat, “Women are burdened a lot more. Men say they are running the house, but the actual work is done by the women. Even if she is an actor, she’ll be looking at the kids and groceries and whatnot at the same time.”

He also shared Iqra Aziz’s experience when he asked the same thing her. She admitted, that after a kid I have to look after him and it’s the time when a child needs his mother most. That’s the reason Yasir Hussain bagging project after project.

Source: Daily Times

“This is an issue with female actors, they work fine until they are married. Even if you look at Iqra [Aziz], you notice how she’s taken on less work ever since she had a baby.”

Why a woman’s ability to “multitask” isn’t appreciated? – Mathira

Source: Instagram

VJ Mathira took his criticism to her Instagram story she wrote, “One should appreciate a woman doing multitasking. Why is it [that] a woman’s career goes down the drain if they [get married] and have kids?”

She added further, “It’s pretty sad to hear a statement like this.”

Mathira recently spoke about her marriage in which she revealed shocking details about her abusive marriage.

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