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‘My Case Was Misreported’ – Meesha Shafi Makes Shocking Revelations

The feud between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar went too far for the past few months. Since their case was filed and things went on people were divided into two groups.

It all began when Meesha Shafi raised her voice against sexual harassment and allegedly claimed Ali Zafar harassed her.

Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar
Source: Business Recorder

It went viral all over the internet and spread like air which created chaos in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Many of the female actresses and female fans supported Meesha in the name of the #Meetoo movement that was running at that time.

Ali Zafar then filed a case against Meesha Shafi for defaming him without any evidence. Meesha also attended a court proceeding in Lahore for a defamation case filed against her by Ali Zafar.

Ali Zafar
Source: Twitter

After the post-proceedings, Meesha Shafi said that Media has misled the case and they are responsible for it.

Meesha Shafi blame the media for misleading the case

She stated, that “following my high-profile sexual harassment case against Zafar, many women in the showbiz industry approached her with their own experiences of harassment.”

Meesha Shafi case
Source: News International

She was also reported as saying that “my case was misreported and that she incurred heavy financial losses during the process.”

Shafi appeared before the time of proceedings, but the court adjourned due to the unavailability of Shafi’s lawyers.

While talking to the media Meesha Shafi stated, “several women in the industry, who are yet to come forward with their experiences, reached out to her. She explained that out of respect for their privacy, she will not be naming these women.”

Meesha Shafi
Source: Express Tribune

The singer further added that “she is committed to the truth and that she believes the outcome of the case will be good and in her favor. Shafi asserted that she had been present when she was summoned by the court. She stressed that she was never asked to be physically present in court before.”

Earlier this year, SC announced that they will hear Meesha Shafi’s plea against Ali Zafar’s harassment case. Next date of the session hasn’t been announced yet.

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