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‘I Like Her, She’s Good’ – Sheheryar Munawar & Syra Yousuf Makes Appearance Together

Sheheryar Munawar and Syra Yousuf have made an appearance in a talk show recently after their previous photoshoot. No one has seen them together after that and the internet is filled with some filmy rumors.

In conversation with Ahsan Khan talk show Sheheryar and Syra, both discussed their previous work and recent one which surely grabbed most of the attention.

Source: Express Tribune

Syra Yousuf who’s divorce news spread all over the media outlets and created chaos for her. Meanwhile, she didn’t let her down with sadness and moved on with big projects on her way. It’s surprising to see both of them coming together.

Sheheryar Munawar and Syra Yousuf in conversation with Ahsan Khan

Both of them worked on screen in Project Ghazi in 2019 and also appeared together recently in Sinf-e-Aahan. Although Project Ghazi didn’t work well on cinemas and pulled out earlier commenting on that Sheheryar said,

Source: Something Haute

“It was the first time someone experimented with computer graphics and superheroes on a film level, and hence that didn’t turn out how we expected. It was Humayun Saeed’s call to pull it back.”

Sheheryar didn’t leave the opportunity to comment on magical smile of Syra as he quoted that on the talk show. He said, “When she smiles, it’s either if she’s awkward or she’s interested in you.

When I was working with Syra, I thought ‘Okay, I like her, she’s good.’ But, the day she wore the uniform, I had a real-life filmy moment.

Source: Brandsynario

Syra was wearing heels and a leather outfit [uniform] and she was running. I was running as well and I was [awe-struck].”

He also shared the experience of shooting at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) in Kabul, “as actors, it is easy to recreate being an army officer but it was a different experience altogether training and living at the academy itself.

The longest I stayed there was for 32 days and with the army’s regimented routine and rules, it was a task to comply and live there without your phone or social life.”

‘I have the support of my parents’ – Syra Yousuf

Being a single mother and handling a lot of projects might be difficult for her. She said, “I have the support of my parents, my sisters, and of course Nooreh’s dad.”

She also talked about it previously on being a single mother and problems she faced after divorce from the media.

Syra Shahroz's Superhero Look in Pakistani Movie 'Project Ghazi' Will Leave  You Wanting More! - Brandsynario
Source: Brandsynario

She shared that her six-year-old daughter, Nooreh, stayed with her on Kabul’s set in PMA for five days. “She didn’t like it there at all. It was a very loud place with all the shootings and rigorous training and she would just come to me and complain about it. ‘Don’t they know a kid needs sleep?’”, shared Syra.

She also highlighted co-parenting method, “Co-parenting is very important because whatever happens, we as grownups, we can manage. But for the kid, you have to keep all your ego and inhibitions aside and take care of the kid. And that’s what we are doing.”

Source: Express Tribune

Sheheryar Munawar also talked about taking fewer projects, “when people say I do less work, they do not realize that I work off-camera too. I’ve directed commercials, produced films, and acted on screen as well so it was all a calculated move.”

On talking about the best medium for the audience Sheheryar claimed that Television is the popular platform. “Since I took a five-year gap from drama serials, it was very difficult to stay relevant in the industry with just one film coming out in two years or so.

Source: Daily Pakistan

People prefer the regularity and the relatable drama television offers but God has been kind to me so far, and I have returned to the silver screen once again.”

On consistently working with Asim Raza, Sheheryar shared that he gave him his start. “After graduating, my first job apart from corporate was an assistant director at Vision Factory Films with Asim Raza.

He is my mentor, my guru and I always look forward to working with him. However, I do not selectively just work with him. I recently worked with Nadeem Baig and Nabeel Qureshi, and it was a great experience.”

Source: Brandsynario

Sheheryar also came into the limelight when recently he and Maya Ali unfollowed each other from social media platforms which raised so many questions.

As you know, Sheheryar also gained insane weight when he got into an accident and with less work threw him into the world of depression.

“I was an adrenaline junkie. I loved HIIT workouts, hiking, adventures, and bike rides and my accident limited all of that for me. There were adrenaline withdrawals, and then work was paused and that brought an unhopeful uncertainty that I couldn’t deal with.”


Before concluding the interview, Syra talked about her hot photoshoot with Sheheryar stated with the classic line “everyone is entitled to their opinion”.

“Those who liked our ‘sultry’ photoshoot probably understood the creativity behind it. For those who did not, it is okay. But that photoshoot, in my opinion, was a brilliant masterpiece by Rizwan Haq.”

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