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‘I felt Shoaib’s family is very vibrant and colorful’ – Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik Shares Their Marriage Journey

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are some of the finest couples in the sports world. First, sports couples belong to two different regions or say Indo-Pak love marriage which initially shocked the world at that time. Shoaib and Sania recently shared their marriage journey with their fans.

Both of them look stunning and have become idol couples for many of the youngsters out there.

Source: Express Tribune

Recently both of them appeared on Time Out with Ahsan Khan along with their three-year-old son Izhaan. They have grown from the ground as a couple, even they have launched their fragrance lineup.

No doubt, their Indo-Pak love story has made them stay in the limelight with their ultimate success in their particular profession. Knowing the fact that both the countries are arch-rivals when it comes to cricket especially still managed to stay together.

Source: NDTV Sports

Although now Sania Mirza has stopped making an appearance at Pakistan vs India match due to some controversial questions by the media.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik in conversation with Ahsan Khan

Both of them shared their earlier experience and marriage journey and how Shoaib approached Sania. Shoaib revealed that when both of them came in contact she wasn’t welcoming at first and didn’t show any kind of interest in him.

Source: DNA India

In Shoaib’s comment, Sania Mirza replied “we are all aware of the image cricketers had. Of course, I had to be careful.” Shoaib added cheekily, “Yet you decided to marry one after all.”

Due to strict traveling tours, Shoaib and Sania build a home in Dubai. After being together for more than two decades both of them shared that they don’t see any differences when it comes to India and Pakistan. “Lahore and Delhi feel like the same place.

Source: 5Ws

Bombay and Karachi have the same people, the same kind of food. If you go to Chandigarh and UP in Punjab, almost everything is the same,” said the cricketer.

As most of you don’t know, Sania belongs to Southern India during the interview she expressed her feelings regarding their in-laws.

“I felt Shoaib’s family is very “vibrant and colorful” but that it’s mainly due to the Punjabi culture that’s prevalent in both countries.”

Love Sialkot’s Halwa Puri – Shoaib Malik

Talking about their favorite food, Shoaib immediately said that he loves Halwa Puri of Sialkot especially. “Nobody does it better. I’ve often tried making it or trying it at different places, but it has no match.”

Similarly, Sania is a fan of Hyderabad’s special chicken 65 and chicken chili. “There’s something about the spices that no one can quite pick on. It’s delicious.”

Source: Ok! Pakistan

When Ahsan asked Shoaib that how much his travel affect his relationship with his son Shoaib brilliantly responded to it. He said, “It gets emotional at times.

During Covid, I was away from them for about seven or eight months and Izhaan was very young back then. At that age, all they care about is their toys and playtime and barely stay still for video calls. I missed them a lot.”

He added, “Despite that, whenever we would call, his first word would be ‘Baba’, so it was a happy feeling that he recognized me.”

Source: ABP News

Even Sania in an interview shared that it’s difficult for her to leave son at home for Olympic call duty.

Which side I am supporting? – Sania Mirza

Apart from the marriage journey of Sania and Shoaib, the tennis star also put some light on the most controversial question she’s been asked whenever Pakistan collides with India.

Source: Hindustan Times

She clearly explained, “every time there’s an India-Pakistan match, journalists always ask me which side I am supporting. They think it’s the question of the year, and I’m sick of it.

I mean, it’s been twelve years. Get over it. For whoever is watching, please don’t ask me that again.”

The tennis player shared that journalists are always looking for dramatic answers. “They want me to say crazy things like, ‘He sleeps on the sofa when they beat India,’ or that we keep fighting, but there’s nothing like that.

It’s a game, people lose and win and it’s high time media should understand that.”

Source: Business Standard

Sania has always been surrounded by media from a very early age for her work. She expressed herself on dealing with media, “It was an anxiety-inducing situation when I was younger, but everyone learns with time.

I apparently become a trending topic any time I have an opinion, so I’m still in the process of learning, I guess.”

Source: NDTV

She also added, that If I was a boy, surely I would have been a cricketer too. In which she highlighted her marriage, “marrying Shoaib was the closest thing to being a cricketer myself, so my dad was very happy about it,” added Sania.

‘Sania always had upper hand’ – Shoaib Malik

Both of them also shared how they solve their matters in which Shoaib said, “Sania wants to sort issues and talk things out immediately after a misunderstanding, whereas the cricketer likes to sleep on things and ponder over them before reacting.

The two often get into arguments and their approaches to the solution often become a cause of conflict themselves.”

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