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OMG! Yasir Shah & His Friend Named In FIR Of Minor Girl’s Sexual Assault Case

On one side Pakistani cricket fans received a piece of great news about cricket where international teams are heading to Pakistan for multiple series. But meanwhile, something more chaotic and disturbing news came out yesterday that shocked every cricket fan out there. Thats was, Yasir Shah being involved in a minor assault case

Test cricketer Yasir Shah has been accused and registered a case for sexual assault and raping a minor girl. The news came out yesterday that went viral all over the internet.

Source: DAWN

The FIR was launched by the aunt of a girl and in the situation, Yasir Shah’s friend was also involved. According to the sources, Yasir allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl and forced her to marry his friend.

Yasir Shah was allegedly accused of raping a minor girl

As the FIR woman said, she took her 14-year-old niece, who is a matric student, to a gathering in Lahore which was hosted by Yasir Shah, who she said was her acquaintance. She said that two to three months after returning, her niece seemed “unwell and disturbed”.

Source: Fresherslive

“After continuously asking her about it, she said that at Yasir’s house, his friend Farhan took her mobile number and after talking to her a few times, claimed to be her friend,” the complainant said.

She also said that Farhan who’s Yasir Shah’s friend made the girl talk to Yasir over WhatsApp. “My niece told me that on August 14, when she was returning from tuition. Farhan made her get into a taxi and took her to a flat in F-11,” the aunt said.

Source: Google

According to the FIR, Farhan at gunpoint sexually assaulted the girl and threatened her not to tell anyone about it. He also made Yasir threaten the girl as he’s an international and famous cricket player and can do anything.

It’s not the first time any cricket came under the radar of sexual assault, Pakistani skipper Babar Azam has also been accused of sexually exploiting a woman for 10 years.

‘Yasir made fun of the situation’ – Aunt of a girl

The aunt further added, “Farhan blackmailed her once again, took her to a flat above a café in E-11 where he raped her a second time.”

Source: News International

“When I heard about this, I called Yasir on WhatsApp and told him everything on September 10 or 11 at which point he was in the West Indies. Making fun [of the situation], he said that my niece was beautiful and he liked minor girls,” she added.

“A few days ago, Yasir asked me to meet Farhan at a café in F-6. Farhan once again threatened me with dire consequences,” the complainant said.

“Now Yasir is asking for a meeting on Dec 22 at his flat in Islamabad. He said that if my niece could please him, all matters would be settled, otherwise do what you will,” she said.

The aunt further stated that her whole family right now facing death threats and it’s getting difficult for us to live. I request the officials to take immediate action against it.

Source: Geo

Official statements

As per the Islamabad police, the girl has gone under a medical examination.

“The investigation will move forward in light of the circumstances and the results of the medical exam,” the statement said, adding that the case will be probed on merit.


“Indiscriminate legal action will be ensured if evidence of rape comes to light,” police said.

Meanwhile, PCB also came to attention and released a statement without mentioning Yasir’s name.

It had noted the allegations leveled against one of the board’s “centrally contracted players”.

The PCB said that it was “presently gathering information at its end and will only offer a comment when in possession of complete facts”.

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