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‘Ab Gaaliyan Ziada Milti Hain’ – Ahsan Moshin Ikram On His Life After Marrying Minal Khan

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, the newlyweds who tied the knot in Sept, recently opened up about their marriage and how their lives have changed since.

The newlywed lovebirds have been the talk of the town long before they united in wedlock. They have often been criticized by the public for PDA.

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Khan and Ikram recently received a lot of trolling from the public after a video of Khan making a half-witted comment backstage of a fashion show emerged. A snippet from a quick chat with an online news outlet surfaced that showed Khan talking about marital bliss.

As the video made rounds on social media, Khan ended up receiving flak over her comments on marriage. Users spared no time trolling the Parchayee actor over her absurd comment.

The couple now made an appearance in the upcoming episode of Ahsan Khan’s popular show Time Out With Ahsan Khan. In a BTS clip of the show, Khan and Ikram spoke about how their lives have changed since tying the knot.

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The actor opened up about the changes in her personal life after marriage, saying that having a husband was the biggest change, laughing. When asked if she would recommend marriage, Khan said, “Of course, why not,” adding that she supports marriage.

Ikram, as asked by the host to comment on the attention he receives after marriage, said Khan is a wonderful person, but after getting married he becomes a target of trolls and memes a lot.

Take a look at the clip:

Social media users once again deemed Khan’s comments as witless and dippy. Many are of the opinion that the actor never really knows how to respond to questions and hardly ever articulates her comebacks.

We may agree with that, since we rarely see Khan providing a fully articulated response in any of her interviews, like the above. She mostly just blurts out a few words and laughs it off.

Khan and her husband have received flak on many occasions. The actor previously received a sparkling diamond set from Ikram as a munh dikhai present, she recorded the moment on video and shared it with fans. 

Many appeared to have disappointed their fans by their show-off. They felt secondhand embarrassment as they deemed the video “cringeworthy”. People were generally unhappy with the munh dikhai video and said that such things should remain private or shared only within the family.

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