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Social Media Sensation Khalid Al Ameri Takes Tour Of Expo 2020 Pakistan Pavilion

Foreigners and tourists have visited Pakistan and loved every corner of the country. They couldn’t resist spreading love regarding the natural beauty, food, and historical places in Pakistan.

Especially Social media influencers who love spending time in Pakistan, because they get the chance to explore the country inside out in every manner.

Source: Global Village

Middle East’s social media sensation Khalid Al Ameri has always shown his true love for Pakistan. He has been spreading positivity and providing more information about Pakistan.

And for those who don’t know this amazing social media influencer then you are missing out on his brilliant reels and stories.

Recently he visited Expo Pakistan 2020 and there he truly fell in love with Pakistan’s representation at the event.

Khalid Al Ameri expresses his love for Pakistan at Expo 2020

Khalid Al Ameri social media sensation with over 840,000 followers on Instagram took to his story and shared his experience at Pakistan Expo 2020.

Source: Express Tribune

At Expo 2020, he had a tour to Pakistan Pavilion where he shared some iconic and creativity with the historic background. His visit to Pakistan helped him to explain many things briefly. Khalid Al Ameri even expressed his love for Pakistan when he visited before.

He started his tour by giving credit to the artist Rashid Rana for his exceptional work and pointed out Mountain peaks of Pakistan made by 8,000 small pieces which grabbed the center of attention.

Source: Instagram

He further said, “ as soon you enter the Pakistan Pavilion you get the timeline of events, a timeline of Pakistan historical events and it’s all hand-painted.

Source: Instagram

Someone sat here for two months hand-painted and what’s essential is that this timeline takes you to the creation of Pakistan”.

Sheesh Mahal in Pakistan Pavilion

He then moved to the second most attractive thing “Pathway to Mares” inspired by totally from the Sheesh Mahal palace in Lahore and you can see the lights and mirrors that trick to light the place up.”

Source: Instagram

Night stop he also shared his real experience being surrounded by Pakistan’s natural beauty and natural wonders. He said, “I have been to Nathia Gali, up in the mountains of Pakistan to see the snow, to see the beauty and opportunity to explore nature in its true to its form.

Source: Instagram

It’s great that from UAE it’s a few hours away from these types of magical movies, look at that it’s a movie and gorgeous.”

Pakistan heaven of diversity – Khalid Al Ameri

He stopped at the fifth and most interesting path of the Pakistan Pavilion that celebrates the religious diversity of Pakistan. “All the religion that make up the beautiful country.”

Source: Instagram

He pointed out the video, “so, here’s the video that continues to play through alt Pakistan Pavilion of religious diversity and to celebrate that diversity of Pakistan Hindus, Christians, Sikhs all of them come together to make Pakistan more beautiful.“

He further added, “this video brings so much warmth to my heart, and it’s gorgeous.”

1 Billion Tree Project

Source: Instagram

His final step was the 1 Billion tree project, which now further planned to plant 10 Billion trees. He also highlighted how beautifully they created that tree pathway that each green laser light gives you the sound of different birds and creatures.

Last but not least Pakistani Food

Source: Instagram

Khalid Al Ameri has already shared his experience with the food when he was in Pakistan. He again got the chance to taste Pakistani food of spice at Expo 2020 as well. His main course for the food was “Chapli Kebab” which reminded him of Peshawar too.

Expo 2020 has become the main source for those who want to explore Pakistan’s beauty and food. Pakistan Pavilion is the real pathway towards Pakistan’s culture, tradition, and food.

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