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‘I Cannot Tolerate Cold Showers’ – Minal Khan & Ahsan Mohsin Speaks Up About Life After Marriage, Trolls & Gas Crises

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin newlywed couple who has been sharing their lovable and cutest moments on their respective social media account. It’s their right to do whatever they want, but people cannot bear to see celebrities enjoying their life in peace.

They have always been trolled on several occasions for irrelevant issues which have no sense at all. Online newspaper outlets filled with endless news about them being trolled since they got married. They were even trolled for going on honeymoon too.

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Both of them made their first-ever appearance together after marriage on Time Out With Ahsan Khan, where they expressed about everything. First meet up, life after marriage, unfortunately about gas crises and especially on trolls.

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin together at the prime show

First of all, both of them talked about the post-marriage scenarios and how they both have adjusted to them. Also, Minal has taken a break from the work to focus on household responsibilities which are fair enough, and said she will get back to work if something good comes in her way.

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“After marriage, a husband enters your life, what could be a bigger change than that?”

However, she further added, “I know that the two of us had it relatively easier than others but  I support marriage regardless of the circumstances.” Agreeing with his wife’s stance, Ahsan shared, “I think once you find your partner, you should get married.”

“However, living together can be difficult. It has not always been smooth. Ahsan screams, kicks and punches in sleep when he has bad dreams. I sometimes overexpress my anger. But we’ve both found ways to deal with it, figuring out strengths and weaknesses together,” shared Minal.

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Netizens even criticized their Muh Dikhai video and labeled it as a “Cringeworthy video”.

‘She brought colors in my life’ – Ahsan Mohsin

On marriage, Ahsan Mohsin said that one of the biggest changes I faced after marriage is that sharing your personal space with someone. On that Minal jokingly said, I brought color in his file and Ahsan agreed on it.

Source: Daily Pakistan

“She did. My room was a typical bachelor pad with dull lighting and brown flooring. Now it’s completely white with shades that the room would have never imagined seeing.”

Ahsan has spent less time in the showbiz industry where he did a film, a few commercials, and drama serials, and then started his ad agency.

He met his soul mate on the set for the drama serial Parchai. But at that time didn’t happen, Ahsan found Minal boring at that time.

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The romance that they both were spreading on social media has been criticized by the netizens. Ahsan shared, “Earlier it was our romantic relationship before marriage that bothered people, whether it was holding hands, or wearing certain clothes, but now that we’re married, it still gets us in trouble.”

On trolls, both of them faced throughout post marriage for sharing their romantic pictures on social media. Minal Khan said, “I don’t give importance to social media because what I have in real life is far better.

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I like to share my life and he likes to share it too. But we don’t care about what people say about us.”


The duo tied their knot in September with the grand wedding which came under the radar of criticism and went viral on every social media platform.

‘We had restrictions on photography’ – Minal Khan

“Even though we had a lot of restrictions for our photography and videography team, people who were invited did take pictures and they went viral.

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We tried to control it, but it’s rude to ask people to not take pictures. I looked good, Ahsan looked great, people were enjoying it so why not?” Minal recalled whilst linking her hand with Ahsan’s.

Referring to a common practice in celebrity weddings, she retorted, “I cannot invite someone to my wedding and ask them to leave their phones at home. I think it’s disrespectful.”

She also shared common household issues that everyone nowadays faces gas crises. She said I cannot tolerate cold showers, the current gas crisis in Pakistan has shaken things up in their household too.

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