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WATCH: Asim Azhar Schools Men ‘Openly Drinking’ & Making Families Uncomfortable

In the wake of Atif Aslam, Talha Anjum, and Aima Baig having to pause their performances during recent events to call out miscreants, Asim Azhar had to do the same during his New Year’s Eve show after catching attendees “drinking openly” in the crowd.

A video recently surfaced of the singer schooling a bunch of men while on stage. Without mentioning what they are doing, Azhar reminded them that families are in attendance, too. He emphasized whatever they are doing is making them uncomfortable.

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“I have a request; you are here to celebrate the new year, right? Do it happily but don’t ruin it for anyone else,” he is heard saying. “Don’t spoil anyone else’s night.”

“There are families here and I can see everything,” he added. “So, if I see anyone misbehaving around families now, they will be kicked out. And the boys here, I’m giving you this responsibility, ensure that the families feel safe. Let’s welcome the new year happily and responsibly.”

Have a look at the video:

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The Ghalat Fehmi singer shared the video on his Instagram stories. He reinstated why such behavior is a problem. He also responded to the people dubbing it a publicity stunt.

“Whoever has come to a concert of mine knows that we tolerate anything but families being disturbed or harassed,” he wrote. “With that being said, the guy I was addressing here did not say anything to me. But he and his friends were drinking openly and making a family very uncomfortable.”

Image: Instagram

Not a publicity stunt

Azhar acknowledged that it is the responsibility of artists to ensure that the fans who come to their concerts feel safe and comfortable. “For people thinking this was a stunt can go and think whatever but I will keep calling out people who make my audience uncomfortable. Everything is visible from the stage, especially for me,” the Soneya singer concluded.

Atif Aslam was earlier forced to stop a live performance in the federal capital due to male audience members harassing women and their families.

After a young girl came up to Aslam on stage about the harassment she encountered from the crowd, he addressed the men in the crowd and advised them to give women some room and ensure that women and families were safe from harassment in the crowd. However, the Dil Diyan Gallan crooner left the concert upon sheer disappointment in the male audience and poor management of the event. 

Someone also threw a shoe at the Young Stunners at a later event, unleashing Anjum’s wrath on stage. This was followed by Aima Baig threatening to leave her concert due to some rowdy, misbehaving attendees in the front row.

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