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Ushna Shah Has A Message For Those Mocking Her English Accent & ‘Bullying’ Her

For those in the entertainment industry, social media is a constant source of scrutiny. There are many fans in their comments section who shower celebrities with love and appreciation, but the vast majority is made up of social media trolls. This time the bullying is for Ushna Shah to come under scrutiny for her accent.

The actor recently took to Twitter to address the trolls mocking her English accent and deeming it fake. Ushna asserted that her accent was acquired after spending her “formative years” in Canada, where she was educated.

Image: Instagram

Referring to her accent bullying as “abuse”, Ushna Shah clapped back at the trolls. “Having spent my formative years i.e all of grade school, most of the high school and then uni in Canada, and then consciously downplaying my accent while in Pakistan,” she wrote.

“I’m still accused of faking a ‘foreign accent’,” she continued. “You all are a bunch of bullies and this is abuse FYI.”

Celebrities in Pakistan have always been the target of vicious trolls online. Sure, one might envy a celebrity for the glamorous lifestyle they live, and all the attention they get. But let’s not forget that with fame and success also comes the merciless trolls. 

The keyboard warriors, who troll, make deliberately provoking comments in order to get a response from the public figures. However, these people in the entertainment industry are opting for silence no more.

Ushna Shah knows how to counter trolls

The Neelam Kinaray actor, who is not one to shy away from stating her opinions on social media, recently called out people who are of the opinion that acting as a profession is below them or believe that actors promote “vulgarity”.

Image: Instagram

Shah asserted that they should not follow drama serials or the associated actors’ social media accounts.

Channeling the rage, the 31-year-old actor said, “Every Pakistani with morals and ethics who finds acting and actors inferior, who thinks we spread ‘fahashi’ (vulgarity) should promptly get rid of their TV (or any channel that shows content that isn’t preaching Islam) and get off social media immediately!”

She previously also received flak for celebrating her pet dog’s birthday. Trolls had the perfect opportunity to bash the actor and direct uninvited opinions towards her celebration. People were of the opinion that such a lavish party for an animal seemed ridiculous and a waste of money.

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