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‘Hilmand Is Witty, Dark, And Spiritual’ – Atif Aslam Speak Up About Sang-e-Mah’s Character

Every actor wants to have a perfect script to start their acting career. And that’s what our rockstar Atif Aslam thought and waited for almost 10 years to be in the world of acting.

Yes! Atif Aslam is heading towards the acting world to exhibit his acting skills after his first appearance in Shoaib Mansoor’s film “Bol”.

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He didn’t go for the better director, he straightforward waited all these years to get the perfect script that fulfills his desire to step in as an actor.

Sang-e-Mah is the masterpiece that made Atif Aslam agree on it. Atif Aslam also appeared at the premiere night of the drama serial where along with the megastar other actors appeared such as Kubra Khan, Hania Aamir, the newbie Zaviyar Naumaan, director Saifee Hassan.

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In an interview, Atif Aslam told the media about the script briefly and his wait was worth it.

Atif Aslam found the perfect script finally

As Atif Aslam shared, “What clicked for me was how this was a new territory for me. I had never done this [acting] before,” he told the audience.

Source: Express Tribune

“I know it sounds very cliche, that you have been waiting for the right script. I have been waiting and 17 years later, Sang-e-Mah seemed to be the perfect script for me. I wanted to do it.”

He also highlighted his tough shoot schedule to his daily concerts but looks like the actor has managed amazingly. He said, “It was challenging for me,” the singer added.

“We’ve performed globally. We interacted with people, with fans and then we’d return [to our lives]. But for 40 days, we were shooting Sang-e-Mah, that too in a village.

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I was very curious about how the show would turn out. But the confidence Saifee and Mustafa had in the script was enough to convince me. I read it and I readily agreed to it.”

He continued founding new respect for the onscreen artists. “I would like to appreciate everyone who works in films, dramas – regardless of the medium. I have so much respect for them. It’s difficult to work,” he remarked.

Divine power has paved my way – Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam also talked about his long journey as a singer which never let him do any other thing. But it’s truly a blessing in disguise. He said, “I have this utmost belief that even in my music career of 17 years, I haven’t done much but there’s this divine power that has paved my way for me.

Source: Daily Pakistan

I have been blessed tremendously,” he said, adding, “Even today, when I would be working onscreen and people have been praising me for it, I have the same belief that the Almighty has been very kind to me.”

Atif Aslam continued elaborating his character Hilmand for his he worked so hard to fulfill the demand of it. In the drama, Hilmand is the son of Mir Marjaan Khan [Naumaan Ijaz] and Zarsanga [Samiya Mumtaz]. And he’s the “Black Sheep”. He shared, “For the first three, four days,

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I was trying to wrap my head around how to play this character,” Atif commented. “Then I started talking to myself. Two people were traveling with me. I kept rehearsing with them. It wasn’t easy to memorize the dialogues Mustafa had written.

I would keep rehearsing with one of them and then the other person was responsible for the look,” he further shared, adding, “There were no mobile signals in the area where we were shooting, so we had nothing else to do. It was a blessing in disguise.”

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Even after the wrap-up of the shoot, the character stayed with me for a long time. I couldn’t let it go.

Atif Aslam always wins heart just like he did recently by taking a stand against the harassers in his concert.

My character is witty and dark – Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam didn’t go with the script that holds the iconic lead actor role or something. His approach was different because he explained that his character is witty, dark, and spiritual. On why he took up this unique role, Atif elaborated, “Why not?”

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The actor further responded to The Express Tribune, “You’re watching ‘drawing room’ serials daily. But if we’re thinking outside the box, we’re being experimental.

I loved the whole approach towards the script. It’s so well-written. It grips you. I had no knowledge in acting, which is why I’m giving the due credit to everybody.”

Source: Cutacut

He further elaborated, “When I read the script, it had the potential. Which is why I signed it.” When asked about his inspiration behind playing his recent offering, the singer shared, “Inspiration? I think to unlearn Atif Aslam is a task in itself. Which is what I enjoyed.

I talked to the people, I talked to the entire team. I worked with different artists, with the veterans. Imagine Naumaan Ijaz is standing in front of you and you know he is an A-class actor and you’re a newbie. Imagine the pressure that would have. It’s not a joke at all. It was a challenge and I love challenges.”

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