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‘Age Is Just A Number’ – Malaika Arora Speak Up About Her Love Affair At The Age Of 40

To love anyone there’s no age limit, if you love someone you can fall into it without giving a single thought. That’s what Bollywood star Malaika Arora did when she fall in love with Arjun Kapoor who is way younger than her.

When the news came out publicly everyone criticized her and raised voices. But both of them didn’t care about it at all. Malaika Arora who was the wife of Arbaz Khan brother of Salman Khan was married for more than five years.

Source: Koimoi

Arjun and Malaika’s affair was rumored to spread all over the internet, but they didn’t bring it up at that time. Although both of them were spotted on various occasions together. But after a few years, they both publicly accepted that they are dating and in love with each other.

Malaika Arora separated from her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan and parted their ways. Even though both Arjun and Malaika are dating for about four years still social media netizens troll them, because of the eight years of age gap difference.

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But it looks like both of them decided to shut the social media rulers’ mouths shut once and for all.

Malaika Arora spoke up about her love affair with Arjun Kapoor

With her latest statement, Malaika Arora agrees with the quote “Age is just a number”. She recently posted an image of her with Arjun Kapoor and break the silence on their breakup rumor.

She wrote, “No but seriously. Normalize finding love in your ‘40s. Normalize discovering and chasing new dreams in your 30’s. Normalize finding yourself and your purpose in your 50’s. Life doesn’t end at 25. Let’s stop acting as it does.”

Source: The Indian Express

To support her lover, Arjun Kapoor also shared her post and agreed with her point. Although earlier this week, 2 states actor also posted an image with the note regarding their false breakup rumors spreading all over the news outlet and social media.

He wrote, “Ain’t no place for shady rumors. Stay safe. Stay blessed. Wish well for people. Love y’all,” he captioned the post. The popular dance-show judge left a heart emoji for her boyfriend in the comment section and her sister Amrita Arora also expressed her support for the duo and wrote, “You tell them Joon.”

Malaika Arora has always been in the limelight of Bollywood parties, few years back her exclusive images with Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar went viral on social media.

‘Personal Prerogative’ – Arjun Kapoor

In an interview with the Indian Publication, Gunde actor broke the seal and talks about the trolls they have been facing for the past four years.

Source: The News International

He said,  “Firstly, I think that the media is the one who goes through the comments from people. We don’t even look at 90% of it so the trolling cannot be given so much importance, because it’s all fake.

Those same people will be dying to take a selfie with me when they meet me, so you cannot believe that narrative.”

Calling his life his “personal prerogative”, he added, “As long as my work is being recognized, the rest is all just a lot of noise.

Source: Times of India

Plus, you can’t be so bothered about whose age is what, so we should just live, let live and move on. I think it’s a silly thought process to look at age and contextualize a relationship.”

So, with their statements, it looks like they don’t bother with the trolls anymore and want to live their lives happily.

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