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Pakistanis Can’t Handle Amna Ilyas Posing In A Bold Outfit & Resort To Bashing Her

Due to her controversial content every now and then, Amna Ilyas has now effortlessly become a household name. Her latest photoshoot on Instagram seems to have created a frenzy on social media in which she can be seen posing in a bold outfit.

Before making her debut as an actor, Ilyas was already a well-known Pakistani model. She made a smashing entrance in the entertainment industry as an actor with the role of Rubina in the movie Zinda Bhaag.

Image: Instagram

Every now and then we see this model turned actor stir some kind of controversy. She always manages to get under fire and offend social media users in one way or another. But this time the Saat Din Mohabbat In starlet came up ruffled the feathers of many with a bold photoshoot.

Ilyas has worked her way up the fashion and entertainment ladder carrying nothing but her proud and brown skin with relentless talent.

In recent Instagram posts, the model can be seen wearing a bold, glittery maroon gown, while her leg is completely exposed as she posed from multiple angles. “All dressed up to put the disparity back in storage,” read the caption.

Check out the photoshoot:

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While many from the entertainment industry complemented the model, fans and followers could not handle her dress and bashed her for wearing a revealing outfit. 

Image: Instagram

Besides these, the comments section was filled with hatred. The world of glam and limelight is certainly not a piece of cake. Many of us think it is easy, but uh-uh, not at all. As a matter of fact, the world of glam can be very cruel and controversial at times and that can see in some of the comments under her post.

People often forget that while the internet may have given us the freedom of speech, we are in no place to approve or disapprove of the lifestyle choices of others.

The Saat Din Mohabbat In actor previously schooled a few netizens on social media after a picture she posted provoked the fury of the moral brigade on Instagram on a woman’s body. It would suffice to say that Ilyas is known to stir controversies.

Trolling and criticizing people for their personal choices is an old habit of us Pakistanis. Not so long ago, the renowned actor Saba Qamar was also trolled for her bathrobe photoshoot.

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