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‘I Was Told That I Won, But Ahmed Ali Butt Got It’ – Ali Abbas Shares His PISA Awards Mishap

Last year one of the most controversial awards took place where it also become the main highlight as well. PISA awards Pakistan International Screen Awards, which not only showed their true colors before the event but also robbed one of the finest actors in the Pakistani Drama industry.

Actor Ali Abbas, who has followed his great veteran father Waseem Abbas’s footsteps in the line of acting and gave some exceptional performances.

Source: Express Tribune

In an interview, he came forwarded and claimed that the PISA award has given his award to Ahmed Ali Butt.

Ali Abbas revealed that he was told by the PISA that he won the best supporting actor award, but in the event, the award was given to Ahmed Ali Butt. Well, it’s a big and shocking revelation by the actor.

Ali Abbas makes a shocking revelation about PISA awards

Actor Ali Abbas in his recent interview with a local channel revealed something big that no one saw it coming. Regarding the incident, he even doesn’t know how and why it happened. Because he was happy and thankful to his fans for this endless love.

Source: Express Tribune

He said, “It’s a matter of self-respect,” he shared. Taking a jibe at the ceremony itself, he said, “Award shows will keep happening year after year and no one remembers why or how someone got an award. However, [PISA] lost its credibility. It is more about your conscience.”

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Abbas further added, “Secondly, some great actors were nominated for the award. Don’t mind me, there was my father [Waseem Abbas], Omair Rana, Gohar [Rasheed] and if you think the award did not go to someone deserving of it, then the award loses its worth.” He shared, “There’s no point in mourning it then, it no longer deserves you.”

Although Ali Abbas got robbed, Twins Baluch and bands like Bayaan were discriminated against by the PISA awards.

‘I would not confront him’ – Ali Abbas

On this big mishap, Ali Abbas answered the interviewer’s question when asked about confronting Ahmed Ali Butt about this incident.

Source: The News International

The actor said I don’t have any personal connections with him and nor I would ever confront this matter. Because it’s all that happened by the organizers and it’s their decision.

On the other hand, he also pointed out the organizers by saying that, “an award can have no compensation and one can only feel happy about an award when there are deserving people in the pool.”

“Such incidents even affect the credibility of awards and such shows,” that’s what Ali Abbas believes. Up till now, Ahmed Ali Butt didn’t release any statement as he’s been vocal about such things.

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