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Coke Studio Comes In To Rescue Xulfi, But Looks Like All Dice Fall On Nirmala’s Board

Coke Studio has come to answer all the allegations that they received by the Umerkot-based singer Nirmala Maghani for stealing her melody in Tu Jhoom.

Coke Studio shared some detailed insights to prove that it wasn’t taken from her melody and it’s purely their original composition.

Source: Express Tribune

Soon Nirmala released her statements with detailed information regarding her melody and her messages that she sent to Xulfi with the melody sample.

Xulfi also denied every single allegation or say accusation and went on with his optimistic approach. Today, coke studio decided to come up with more information and eliminate all the accusations.

Coke Studio take a stand with Tu Jhoom melody and denied accusations.

As per the Coke Studio, Xulfi and Abdullah Siddiqui started the composition in May before Nirmala shared her melody. They have also shared WhatsApp recordings with one of the well-known newspapers.

Source: Pakistan Times

The whole background story is that Nirmala Meghani recently come up with accusations against Xulfi for stealing her melody that she shared with him. to support her statement, her mentor also joined the league.

Xulfi released a complete detailed statement, “As I shared with you earlier, I produce and collaborate in the spirit of inclusivity and my work with Coke Studio holds the same philosophy,” Xulfi is quoted as saying in the second statement issued by the show within two days.


“My work is not borrowed or without credit, given that what I share with the world is work that relies on the very essence of partnership and collaboration. I hope this to be evident in my entire body of work produced in my career.”

He further said that Coke Studio 14 was planned to make Pakistani music heard worldwide. “The aim was to present our music, our young talent, and our icons in a way that shows the world what we are capable of, what we stand for as a nation. We aimed to create a cultural moment of glory for Pakistan.”

Source: Express Tribune

The producer reiterated that Coke Studio is Pakistan’s biggest cultural export that has consistently brought people together. “And that power is very dear to me and one that I’ve absorbed heavily this season … I look forward to continuing working with our brilliant artists, from all over the country; for they truly are the present and future of Pakistani music!” he concluded.

Anything can be manipulated – Yousuf Salahuddin

Music producer and curator Yousuf Salahuddin who’s also a mentor of Nirmala Meghani shared her remarks on Coke Studio and Xulfi’s statements. “Anything can be manipulated, be it time stamps or something else,” he said. “The only way out of this situation is a forensic audit of the phones of all parties involved.”

Source: Aaj Tv

According to the lawyer who manages Salahuddin’s digital assets shared that, “their lawyers are assessing the matter and will soon file a complaint in court.”

Salman Ahmed the frontman of Junoon who’s known for his stand and raising voice for the young artists. He disclosed that he introduced Nirmala to Xulfi in the summer, he said “exploitation of artists at the hands of large corporations is a longstanding issue.”

Source: Coke Studio

“They make billions by using music to sell their products and pay a pittance to the artists. The industry must be regulated.”

Another musician and educator Beena Raza also jumped into the wagon and claimed that Nirmala has been in touch with Xulfi before May.

Talking to the local newspaper had sent her the composition in question, along with other samples as well, before May.

“I try to keep in touch with as many from the upcoming lot as I can and Nirmala did send me this sample among others sometime in April 2021,” she said.

Since Nirmala came with the accusations, many of the people came in her support and she has received endless messages. With so much love from the people Meghani said, “I will accept whatever the court decides.”

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