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‘Pakistan Banning Jeans’ – Anoushey Ashraf Speak Up About The Rise Of Extremism In Pakistan And India

There’s no doubt and shame in admitting that both in Pakistan and India extremism has risen to the next level. Day by day upgrade elements or announcements everyone hears and not only from across the border only but from Pakistan as well.

Then it doesn’t matter what kind of implementations government or religious authorities are trying to put on people. One of the finest VJs in Pakistan Anoushey Ashraf has always raised her voice against injustice and unethical subjects.

Source: Express Tribune

This time she also took the small blogging platform Twitter and tried to spread her true words regarding the rise of extremism in both Pakistan and India. She also highlighted some of the extremely problematic decisions that high authorities have previously announced proudly.

Anoushey Ashraf taking a stand against extremism in Pakistan and India

Looking at both country’s extremism there’s no such difference at all. Because implementing a particular dress code for women isn’t a religious norm. Especially when it comes to women, on this matter she expressed her real concern, “Pakistan banning jeans and India banning hijabs in schools.” 


She wrote, “Last I checked we were ALL born free. Can we not have the right to just be, to make our own choices”? She further added, “Leaders of the world,” the 38-year-old artist urged them to “stop using religion as a tool for petty agendas.”

Instead, she advised them to “focus on the quality of education perhaps.” While she was lauded by many for speaking up about freedom of choice, many bashed her online for not “understanding the Islamic code of conduct.”

That’s not the first time that Anoushey made some bold remarks and took the stand. She has always been under the limelight and is known for her opinionated comments on social issues. Her recent stand when one of the famous bakeries refused to write “Merry Christmas”.

Source: NewsBox

She said, “If I write Merry Christmas, which by the way means ‘Happy Birthday to Christ’, it doesn’t mean I have faith that he’s the son of God.

If the western world tomorrow says that Eid is un-Christian-like and they don’t believe it and no Muslim can get an Eid Mubarak cake based on this explanation, then the hue and cry would be real.”

One in favor and others not

Although it’s true not everyone takes the guts to take a stand or agree with her points. But one of the users agreed with her points and jumped on the bandwagon.

Source: Google

And wrote, “Wouldn’t that make it harder for them to control the very people? The division is the best way to hold an audience captive.”

While on the other hand some of the other users don’t look happy with Anoushey’s only stand against the ban of western clothes in Pakistan. Another user wrote, “[In] the world, non-Muslims are trying to remove Islam, while here in Pakistan, Muslims are trying to remove Islam,” wrote an angry fan.

“They will never speak on how all private schools have pant shirt uniform instead of kameez shalwar, and sashes instead of dupattas, [while even] in the army we have the Indian sari instead of kameez shalwar.”

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