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‘Shameless Woman’ – Sharmila Farooqi To Sue Nadia Khan For Mocking Her Mother In A Video

Feuds among public figures are nothing out of the ordinary. Whether in person or online, we often find them having a spat over something petty or sometimes serious. In the case of the renowned host Nadia Khan and PPP leader Sharmila Farooqi, however, the spat appears to fall into the latter category, i.e. serious.

It all began when Nadia Khan was seen at a wedding and made fun of Sharmila Farooqi’s mother Anisa Farooqi in a video that appeared on social media.

Image: Instagram

Throughout the video, Nadia pokes fun at Sharmila’s mother’s dressing sense and makeup as she sarcastically compliments and insults her.

“Tell me one thing, who does your makeup? It is so stunning,” the host asks Anisa. “Where did you learn how to apply makeup so well?” To this, Anisa innocently responds that she learned it from her daughter Sharmila.

Image: Instagram

“Yes, she [Sharmila] also does great makeup,” chimes in Nadia. “Your dressing and jewelry are always so on point, and you put in so much effort. Do you enjoy it?” Anisa just nods and agrees with her.

Have a look at the video:

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Soon the video went viral and it did not take long to reach the PPP leader. Nadia took down the controversial video after receiving backlash.

Sharmila criticized Nadia for making fun of her mother. In addition, she decided to take against her under the cybercrime law. “She is a shameless woman,” wrote Sharmila. “I am reporting her to cybercrime officially.

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In her interview with a local media outlet, the morning show host inquired about the reaction since she had removed the Instagram video. “Things could escalate if I would have said anything further on the issue,” she said. At the risk of sounding redundant, the host hardly sounds apologetic for her behavior.

One other feud that broke out recently between public figures was between actor Aiman Khan and TikTok star Jannat Mirza – the former advised the latter to reduce the amount of makeup she wears and that did not sit well with Jannat, who fired back.

It may be recalled that earlier an online verbal war also broke out between Jannat and veteran actor Bushra Ansari. The latter had called out the TikTok star for hurting the sentiments of the Christian community in a video. Subsequently, Jannat’s rumored beau verbally abused the actor.

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