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Humaima Malick Responds to Rumors of Marriage & Requests Respect For Her Privacy

Humaima Malick took to Instagram over the weekend to call out bloggers and reporters spreading false information and rumors about her marriage and using the images of others without permission.

The actor promised she would let everyone know if and when she decides to tie the knot. She stressed that speculation regarding her personal life is not necessary.

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Posting the lengthy statement on Instagram, Humaima Malick called out those spreading false rumors about her marriage. “This is for all the sick bloggers,” she began. “You guys need us, I don’t need you people and [to] pay for PR [by] you guys. Shame on you.”

Malick responded to the news of her marrying a certain individual for whom she has great respect. The Bol actor shared in the post, “I would like to salute all those bloggers and media houses who gather viewership for their pages and blogs through yellow journalism”.

“Every other month, I am married to someone which becomes a source of embarrassment for my family,” she continued. “Even if we celebrities want, we can never post pictures with these people, whom we respect immensely and hold in very high regard because some bloggers will use that picture to spread the [false] news that we are married to them.”

“Whenever I get married, I will be sure to inform all of you and will share the news via my social media. For that reason, please don’t believe any rumors,” the star asserted.

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Malick also emphasized respecting the privacy of the individuals whose pictures are shared in connection with the celebrity in question without consent. “We are indeed media personalities, but the people whose pictures that go viral along with ours belong to respectful religious families. They are people whom I hold in very high regard.”

“For God’s sake, do not drag such esteemed spiritual individuals into such news for the sake of ‘gossip material’,” she concluded. Malick was previously briefly married to actor Shamoon Abbasi. She shared in an Instagram session in 2018 that the marriage came to an end during the shooting of her debut film.

The Bol star recently suffered a ruptured appendix in Turkey and called for prayers from her fans and followers. She was in Instanbul for the International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA) 2021. A BTS video from the award ceremony also emerged showing the Lollywood stars Meera and Malick dancing their hearts out.

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