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Javeria Abbasi Slammed For Sharing Birthday Pictures Of Her Daughter In A ‘Revealing Outfit’

Javeria Abbasi, known for her critically acclaimed roles in various drama serials, recently shared images of her daughter’s birthday celebration with her, drawing criticism for the revealing outfit she wore.

It is truly sad to see how some people lack the level of moderation, to begin with. Female Pakistani celebs often get bashed for their choice of lifestyle, but mostly for wearing a revealing outfit.

Image: Instagram

Following in the footsteps of her mother as well as her father, Anzela also pursued her career in acting in modeling. In fact, she is also a singer. She made her debut in acting by playing the leading lady in the serials Gila and Main Haar Nahi Manoun Gi.

Taking it to Instagram on Wednesday, the Bay Qasoor actor shared the snaps from her daughter Azela Abbasi’s birthday celebration. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful baby girl in the world”, she captioned the recent post. “I love you my haseena.”

Seeing Anzela donning a sleeveless black top that goes above her waist along with black pants ruffled the feature of the moral police.

Have a look at the pictures:

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People could not handle the Laal Ishq actor’s length of the top and bashed her for wearing a revealing outfit. Her comments section was filled with flak. Many termed her dress as ‘obscene’. But she was not the only one to receive criticism, netizens also went on to bash her mother.

Image: Instagram

Oh, the ruthless moral policing in Pakistan is never-ending! 

Trolling people for their personal choices is an old habit of some people. Even though the internet has given all of us the freedom of speech, we are in no place to approve or disapprove of the attire worn by anyone.

Image: Instagram

Javeria earlier made an appearance at a local talk show and shed some light on other aspects of her life. She also opened up about how her former husband Shamoon Ismail is also her stepbrother.

In another interview, the actor opened up about her experience of being a single mother and her liberating journey and experience after divorce.

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