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WATCH: Zarnish Khan Calls Out ‘Feminists’ & Clarifies Her Take On Early Marriages

Having come under severe criticism for her stance in favor of early marriages, actor Zarnish Khan released a statement claiming that her statement was misinterpreted and the assumptions were made out of context.

To square up the situation, the Susraal Mera actor took to Instagram to defend her stance on the said topic. Khan posted a clip to voice her defense.

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“Having an opinion is okay, however, imposing it on someone is absurd! Learn to be civil if you wanna co-exist in this twisted world,” she summarized in the caption with the hashtags #EarlyMarriages and #RecentStatement, for context.

While addressing the viewers, the De Ijazat starlet questioned their “irresistible urge” to force change mindsets with opposing perspectives. “Why do we have this irresistible urge of making people agree with what we think? Changing their narrative, changing their perspective about life, generally about things. Why?” asked Khan.

Image: Instagram

“There’s no one answer and one solution to any problem anymore, especially in the times we live in,” she added. Moving on to the reason she made the video, she shared, “So, very recently I made a statement in which I said I believe early marriages are good because it is easy for you to adjust”.

“All the feminists are after me, people have a lot of things to say about it,” the actor continued that it was assumed she meant women should marry early.

Zarnish Khan clears the air

Khan clarified that her statement was never limited to a certain gender. “I said that it is good if you get married at an early age because it becomes easier for you to settle in — which is true.”

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The Aitebar starlet believes that with age, people are resistant to changes. “Marriage is all about compromises, not from one side, I don’t say only for women but also for men. For that, you need acceptability and patience that fade away with time. In that regard, I think if it happens early, it is not ridiculous.”

But after clearing the air of misconceptions, she made a point to emphasize that not everyone will share her views, and she is okay with that. Likewise, other people should be comfortable with her viewpoint as well.

“Everyone has a different mindset and by the end of the day, it is a personal choice. Whoever wants to marry whenever is fine, that’s it.” Aiman Khan also recently spoke in favor of early marriages when she said not getting married in time results in actresses remaining unmarried.

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