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‘Infidelity Is A Deal-Breaker For Me’ – Ananya Pandey Speak Up Love & Marriage

Everyone is waiting for the upcoming blockbuster movie “Gehraiyaan” directed by Shakun Batra. Because it gives you endless reasons to eagerly wait for this love, betrayal, and infidelity. The cast also plays an important role for all the viewers to watch it.

Amazon Original Gehraiyaan offers you stunning, gorgeous Deepika Padukone, Sidhant Chartruvedi, Ananya Panday, and Dhairya Kawra under the banner of Dharma Production.

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Last month, the trailer was released and it somehow made everyone the previous dharma movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, because the same sort of story was portrayed in the trailer.

The movie originally portrays the story of love, marriage, and connection that hit you deeply. No doubt, even the stars of the movie also can relate to it. Just like Ananya Pandey who came forward and spoke up on the backlash by the viewers out there, she talked about love and marriage.

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The audience has highlighted the main thing, that how the film glorifies infidelity. On this Gehraiyaan star released some statements.

Ananya Pandey Gehraiyaan defends his biggest breakthrough

Ananya Pandey in conversation with Hindustan Times said, “We aren’t endorsing and glorifying infidelity; we’re simply observing how four people would behave in a certain situation.

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But everyone will have a different opinion on it and I’m looking forward to the debates going to take place.”

She went on to add, “I’ve always been attracted to complex characters which help me evolve as an actor and hopefully, as a person too. I’m hoping this paves way for more complex, flawed, powerful, and strong female characters.”

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She even highlighted an idea of the perfect relationship, Student of the year 2 star said, “While I was growing up, I watched a lot of Shah Rukh Khan’s (actor) films, and I wanted an ideal man who would be madly in love with me and look at me with love-struck eyes. After a while, I realized that love is a lot about communication and friendship.”

During the release of the trailer, stars of the Gehraiyaan shared their experiences while working with each other.

‘I am not aware of relationships’ – Ananya Pandey

In a different interview with a different news outlet, Ananya Pandey shared, “It helped me stop being judgemental about things, especially when it’s about relationships and things I am not aware of. Relationships are always between two people and what happens is often between them.

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No one knows what makes them happy and what makes it all work,” Ananya remarked. She further added, “Personally, I feel, at this point, infidelity is a deal-breaker for me, but 10 years down the line, I don’t know if I will feel the same way.

I haven’t lived and experienced enough on my own, but through the film, I learned that you need to place yourself in others’ shoes and be empathetic towards what’s happening, the place and the time when it’s happening, and how things are playing out internally. It has changed my perspective on relationships completely.”

Source: India Today

“Most people don’t know me as a person as such. But those who do know me know that I am a lot like Tia. So, I didn’t have to look at relationships around me to understand her psyche.

Shakun had realized that even before I knew it. Playing the part was cathartic in the sense that it can be scary,” she said, adding, “It’s not like I was playing myself, but I had to borrow a lot of myself for the role.

I can’t say that I have felt everything the way and with the magnitude that Tia feels in the film, but I have felt most of the things that she feels.”

For the role, I have to dive into my personality – Ananya Pandey

Ananya continued, “Maybe I have felt them in smaller proportions and not in the manner in which she goes through them, and probably at a superficial level.

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So, while playing her, I had to dive in deeper and imagine myself in even more uncomfortable situations to aptly depict Tia’s fragility, vulnerability, and insecurities.

You build barriers around you, so people don’t see that side of you, and then you have to play it out on screen for millions of people to see.”

She concluded, “The thought is scary, but once you get past that, it can be one of the most liberating feelings. Although in the film, my character goes through something much higher than I have experienced, I’ve also had my heart broken, felt cheated and hurt and even my view is as innocent as her where I like to see the best in people.”

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