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WATCH: Ayeza Khan Claims Her Beauty Secret Is ‘Less Makeup’ But Netizens Disagree

With 11 million followers, the much-adored actor Ayeza Khan became the most followed celebrity in Pakistan on Instagram. Despite their eagerness to know what lies behind her beauty, it seems like they do not agree with what she revealed as her beauty secret.

Khan has come a long way in terms of her career and bagged big roles in good projects. Sharing her day-to-day activities and family moments with her gram fam and keeping her admirers updated about her family and kids has gained more popularity for her.

Image: Instagram

Known for her exceptional acting skills and jaw-dropping beauty, the actor rose to fame after her role as Farah Ibrahim in ARY Digital’s Pyarey Afzal.

Ever since the beginning of her career, Khan has been taking our breath away. But this year she surprised us with her gorgeous modeling shoots. The actor has worked for almost every brand and endorsed a variety of attires from various designers.

Being an outclass model, Khan proved one thing for sure: not only is she smart and elegant, but she also knows how to carry fashion well, and she looks even more attractive in her everyday clothes as one would expect.

Image: Instagram

Fans and followers are curious to know the secret behind her radiant beauty. Khan sat for an interview recently in which she went on to reveal the big beauty secret. “The secret behind my beauty is wearing less makeup,” she said. “I only wear makeup on shoots.”

Have a look at the video:

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People are skeptical of her so-called beauty secret and are not buying it. Many are also calling out the actor for “lying”. They say that she is on shoots almost every day with a ton of makeup on.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that her husband Danish Taimoor had revealed earlier that she uses expensive creams, but some even made fun of Khan, saying the secret behind her beauty is botox and cosmetic surgery.

Trolls crawl out of the woodwork:

Image: Instagram/Screengrab

Within no time the trolls began performing their antics. And dare we say, some comments came across way too harsh.

The audience loves Khan for her remarkable acting skills and beautiful personality, while Taimoor is admired for his grace. Together, they make a perfect couple.

The duo is blessed with two absolutely adorable children, Hoorain Taimoor and Rayan Taimoor. But rumor had it that the couple had adopted their son.

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