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Singer & Rabab Irfan Ali Khan Accuses KPK Government Of Mismanaging Them At Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo is one of the most famous and popular events that everyone enjoyed. It made it to the headline for its exceptional things and features.

It was historic, classic, and beautiful. Many of the celebrities, YouTube influencers have attended the event and were amazed by its glorification.

Source: Al Arabiya

Especially the Dubai Expo Pakistan area, where people who wanted to explore the natural beauty of Pakistan get the chance to do so. From food to traditions to natural beauty everything was presented at the event.

Even the artists also received endless love from the people who visited there. Everything went well until singer and rabab “Irfan Ali Taj” took social media into the chaotic world.

Source: Express Tribune

He landed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Department (KPCTA), along with them an advertising and event management couldn’t fulfill the promised.

Taj and his band’s three musicians when appeared at the biggest event discovered that their name wasn’t even on the list.

Irfan Ali Taj exposes Dubai Expo management and KP government

Things didn’t go well when Irfan had a heated argument with the host and organizers. According to Irfan Ali Taj, “the person who had signed the contract with him was also present at the venue but refused to entertain them, offering them to either lip-sync on stage or face a ‘ban’ on performing in Pakistan.”

Taj and his band immediately returned to Karachi and shared the whole scenario on his official Facebook. “He was in a breach of contract and on top of that, he threatened us on the venue,” Taj told The Express Tribune. “I told him I have some integrity as an artist and I didn’t come all the way here with a band, prepared with a set to only lip-synch to my songs.”

Source: Express Tribune

As per the Taj, in October, the project idea was pitched by Haseena Shaukat of KPCTA who told him to create something soulful setlist for the Pakistan Pavilion. She also informed them that the host of Khyber TV, Jamshaid Ali Khan will be in touch with them.

Another singer Ibn-e-Adam also shared, “It wasn’t until much later that Jamshaid claimed he is only officially roped in as a host by Macroosm Advertising and Events.”

Source: Express Tribune

Things didn’t stay there, Taj’s performance also been pushed from the exact time slot, originally on January 2nd, but it was put forward to 7th January.

Taj further said, “A few months later, I received only 40% of my advance after repeated reminders and I haven’t received the remaining amount yet.

Dubai Expo on the one side became precious, one of the famous influencers Khalid-Al-Ameri shared his great experience at EXPO 2020.

Instead, upon returning to Pakistan, I was contacted by some Atif who told me that I will only get my remaining payment if I send in an apology letter, taking responsibility for whatever went down at the pavilion. Or else I will be banned from performing anywhere in my own country.”

Source: Express Tribune

He even uploaded a video on Facebook claiming that they didn’t even give us separate rooms as well, which we ignored. “Khumariyaan was called in for a soundcheck at 3 pm, their performance was at 5 PM.

They came on time, rehearsed, left, and then came back to perform. Now, Irfan’s performance was at 9 PM. I accompanied him and his band to the sun stage at 8 PM.

An African performance was underway and the stage manager told me it’ll wind up by 8:50 PM. I told her these boys needed to rehearse and then perform.

She assured Irfan’s equipment would be up on stage by 9:00 PM so they could do the soundcheck till 9:30 and then perform.”

The equipment was offered – Jamshaid Ali Khan

In the story, Jamshaid also jumped in and had a conversation with Express Tribune claimed. Taj’s required equipment, as per the tech rider, had reached the Expo stage management team but Irfan’s band was ‘missing in action.

Source: Khyber News

“I was taken to the Expo as a host. The KPCTA left its managerial work to a firm that roped me in to host gigs meant to represent the KP culture.

I was requested to coordinate with the artists I’ll be hosting on stage, including Gul Panra, Sofia Kaif as well as Irfan. I had never heard this boy’s name before.”

Jamshaid further said, “Irfan’s manager and guitarist Anas [Alam], who behaved like he was attending a program of this stature for the first time, kept messaging me to ensure he and his band are provided accommodation in a 5-star hotel with good food.

I let his excitement slide because we all thought ‘bachcha hai’. From ministers to secretaries to DGs to all artists I accompanied, every one of us received the same accommodation in two hotels – Novotel and ABS.

Irfan and his buddies all received separate rooms, leaving them with nothing to complain about. The firm also sent them money for food for their three-day stay in Dubai.”

Source: SoundCloud

Jamshaid continued that Taj and his band decided to smoke and have some drinks before heading to the performance.

“Irfan started asking for a green room. Soundcheck happens on stage before the performance, I told him to get on stage with his band. He said ‘okay’ and went away before the equipment was being set up. Everything as per their tech rider was in place by 9:00 PM.

But they returned at 9:25 PM and went straight to the stage manager, who had gotten everything removed by then. She told them they cannot do their soundcheck anymore since only 4 minutes were left for their performance.”

Irfan’s name was announced thrice – Jamshaid Ali Khan

According to the Jamshaid, Irfan’s name was announced not once but thrice before removing the equipment. “when 92 countries are participating at one event, some readjustments are bound to happen.

Source: Google

Even Gul Panra and Sofia’s performance was pushed.” But as for the payments, he remarked, “Anas and Irfan asked me for the 50% payment, I told them that that is between the firm, KPCTA, and them.

I still requested on their behalf and the firm did send them Rs200, 000.”

Soon Jamshaid’s statements were released, Irfan officially stated that Jamshaid is feeding lies to the people and nothing else.

Source: Facebook

He said, “The videos I posted show a clear picture of the story. I have gathered a lot more evidence to support my stand. I am going to send these guys a legal notice tomorrow.”

He concluded, “Maybe that will make them understand their mistake. This campaign will not stop now.”

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