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‘Lata Ji Ki Samadhi Per Kuch Parh Ker Phoonka Hai SRK Ne’ – Resham Slams BJP Party Members Over False Accusation

A few days back, the Indian political party didn’t leave the opportunity to portray one of the biggest Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan as a villain at the occasion where everyone’s paying respect to the late Lata Mangeshkar Ji.

It shows that Bharatiya Janata Party BJP doesn’t care about the occasion, emotions, all they want is to spread Islamophobia as much as they could.

Source: Koimoi

But luckily, their whole idea didn’t work out because SRK’s huge fan base knew the reality and took a stand for him.

Soon the BJP’s irrelevant accusation spread all over the internet, Indian supporters came on board to stand with Shahrukh Khan and humiliated BJP party members who tweeted.

Source: Dunya News

Not only that, across the border, Pakistan’s one of the finest and most popular actresses Resham slammed BJP party members for spreading false accusations.

Pakistani actress Resham stands with Shahrukh Khan

To have a little glimpse of what exactly happened, in reality, Shahrukh Khan arrived at Lata Mangeshkar’s funeral, where he recited a dua and blow air on her body as per the ritual. But soon the images came out, BJP party members accused SRK of spitting on her body.

Looking at the support from the Indian people to Shahrukh Khan, Pakistani actress Resham couldn’t hold her back and showcased her support to SRK as well.

She took the matter to Instagram, where she also slammed BJP party members as well. “Mujhe samajh nahi aata ke taasub insaan ko itna andha kiun kardeta hai (I fail to understand how people become so blinded by prejudice)?

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Shayad iski waja ye hai ke jab apke dil kaalay hojate hain tou apko kisi ke achay amal or uski naik niyati pe bhi shuba honay lagta hai (Perhaps it’s because when your hearts become tainted, you start doubting everybody’s goodness).”

She went onto add, “Lata Ji ki samadhi per kuch parh ker phoonka hai SRK ne, jisse wahan ke taasub pasand logon ne thookna qarar diya hai (SRK only blew on Lata Ji’s mortal remains but Indian bigots have called it ‘spitting’).

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This clip has gone viral. Lekin jo bhi ba shaoor shakhs issay khuli aankhon se dekhega, ussay andaza hojaega ke SRK ne phoonka hai, thooka nahi (But any rational-minded person who watches the clip will be able to tell SRK is not spitting).”

Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar Ji passed away on Sunday, leaving everyone in a dream with no words to explain.

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