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Sporty Couple On Big Screen – Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik’s Biopic In Process

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are no doubt some of the finest duos in sports history. Their Indo-Pak chemistry, romance no one can beat and they always shine together. Its been more than a decade the way they are maintaining their relationship, knowing the fact that two rivalry countries always go on with heated arguments.

But they taught everyone, in reality, that love has no country LOC or boundaries and you can conquer. That’s what they have been doing and great news for all fans out there.

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Because in an interview they have given some sort of hint that all of that might happen again and will be shown on the big screen.

Do you know what that means? Yes! There’s a biopic that can be expected, as they have ready to launch their first-ever talk show “The Mirza-Malik Show” that will be premiered on Pakistan’s first OTT platform Urdu Flex.

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This talk surely is amazing, because it won’t focus on only one country, Indian and Pakistani celebrities will appear with the help of each other’s network in both countries. That’s the most interesting thing about this pop-cultural talk show.

Shoaib and Sania biopic gradually in the process

In an interview, Sania Mirza revealed that couples have been approached about their lives, as looking at the trend of biopic cinematic craze going on. She shared, “We are in touch with a few people. Due to Covid, all processes are a little slow but it is definitely in process.”

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When the interviewer asked Sania about their entry into the movie industry and starting her career as an actor she immediately responded. “Never say never.” She added, “I can’t speak for Shoaib but I don’t think I can be an actor. I’m shy in front of the camera. I think it takes a lot of courage so I don’t think I’ll have any scope in the acting world. We always say never, though.”

She even talked about her tennis retirement next year, “Ab kuch toh karna parega. (We have to do something now). Our chat show will go into shooting soon. Even with the perfume launch, we had a lot of fun with the experiment. Shoaib and I like doing different things so yes, maybe.”

Source: Indian Express

Sania revealed when she told Shoaib about her retirement, he was surprised although my family and close ones might be as well. She shared, “Yes, he was surprised but we have been each other’s biggest supporters in our professional spheres throughout. As individuals and athletes, we know how our bodies respond and our expectations of it. He told me ‘Whatever decision you make, I have your back.”

‘My humor is on point’ – Sania Mirza

People have always loved her whenever she appeared on any talk show, because of the way her humor makes everyone laugh and quick comebacks. She’s also a TikTok sensation and her several videos have gone viral over the internet as well.

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On her humor, she said, “My sense of humor is always on point. There’s no question about that. When I said I’m shy on camera, it’s the acting part. I don’t think I can act.”

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She further added, Mirza added, “Kapil and I go a long way back. We’re very good friends so there’s a comfortable space because of that as well. Now when I’m making an appearance on his show, he asks me to keep the roasting to a minimum. It’s all fun and games on shows.”

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When it comes to a sense of humor, both husband and wife are top-notch in this matter. She said, “We are both from stressful and emotionally charged professions but our chemistry is really strong at home. We joke around and laugh at life together. We have to take it easy at home. But we do have serious fights as well, and then our sense of humor is kept aside.”

Last year, Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza appeared on Ahsan Khan’s show where they shared their early time when they first met. Shoaib revealed that when first I met her she wasn’t welcoming and didn’t show any sort of interest in me.

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In response, Sania gave an amazing reply, “We are all aware of the image cricketers had. Of course, I had to be careful.” Shoaib added cheekily, “Yet you decided to marry one after all.”

Yet, people are still waiting eagerly to get to know more about their biopic, because surely everyone wants to know, how this relationship began?

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