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Hip Hop Carnival! – Super Bowl Half Time Show 2022 & Eminem’s Knee Controversy

Last night was a super exciting and star-stud moment for all those who attended the Super Bowl 56 half time show 2022. One of the most awaited and power-packed event, which make everyone go crazy.

That’s what exactly happened last night where some iconic artists surprised everyone and raised the bar of the show.

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It created history as well because for the first time hip-hop community headed to the Superbowl that consist of real OG rappers who made everyone go nostalgic. Not only that they took a knee protest against racial justice and paid real tribute to the legend 2Pac aka Tupac Shukar.

Source: Billboard

Artists include Dr.DRE, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Mary J. Blige these artists lift the bar of the Super Bowl Half-time show. Legit no saw it coming, the way everyone put their efforts including dancers also made the performances power pack.

Super Bowl HalfTime Show 2022 – Have some nostalgic vibes

This time’s Super Bowl Half Time 2022 is also special because Los Angeles hosting the National Football League championship for the first time in three decades.

Source: Forbes

The way Super Bowl Half Time Show 2022 began was crazy, the presentation and the setup insane.  The opening performance began with Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre performing Next Episode and California Love which made people move on rhythm.

Tribute to the legend Tupac Shukar who lost his life in a misunderstanding gang fight. Then someone special made a cameo and let everyone to fell in the deep nostalgia.

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From East Coast, 50 Cent appeared with his iconic ‘In Da Club’ upside down and made managed to show his existence.

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Right after him, Mary kicked off with her Family Affair and made everyone swing with her music. Then Kendrick Lamar who also featured in 2015’s most anticipated albums. He made an appearance in his style and performed ‘Alright’ with the black men surrounding him.

Marshal Matters in the house!

Last but not the least, the big man who always stood up for the black people and was always surrounded by them. Eminem joined others with his Oscar-winning soundtrack ‘Lose Yourself’ which smashed the Super Bowl Half Time Show.

Source: Billboard

Ended his performance with a knee protest an act that was performed by former NFL player quarterback Colin Kaepernick invoked social justice.

Although no doubt, NFL warned Marshal, he doesn’t give a damn and do what he loves to. On his knee act, NFL was aware of Eminem’s knelt thing according to the New York Times.

Source: NYPost

Roc Nation an entertainment and sports company led by Jay-Z partnered with NFL. Under the Roc Nation guidance, such a thing happened, up till now Roc Nation declined to comment on Eminem’s act.

Even McCarthy said that, “players, coaches, and personnel were free to have taken a knee before Sunday’s game and that no one has been disciplined for taking a knee.”s

Source: Billboard

Meanwhile, Dr. Dre sat on the piano to play the iconic and unforgettable notes of his super hit STILL DRE before everyone joined him to wrap up the mega hip-hop night of the Super Bowl Half Time Show.

Source: GQ

For those of you who don’t know, DR.DRE was the main man, the whole event centered around him,  all of the  artists who appeared collaborated with him, and mainly performances were from Dre’s album “2001.”

Live reactions from NBA players & other celebrities

Soon the live Super Bowl Half Time Show began, people couldn’t resist tweeting their excitement. NBA players also jumped into the hip-hop celebration and expressed their super-shocking feeling.

Brooklyn Nets James Harden wrote, “Best halftime show ever!” LA Lakers King James wrote, “OMG!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! THE GREATEST HALFTIME SHOW I’VE EVER SEEN!!!”

Dave Zirin from Edge of Sports highlighted the moment when Kendrick Lamar appeared with the Imagine Dragons and wrote, “Easily the best halftime show ever, after Prince. Yes, it will launch 10000 critiques –

and the NFL is beyond shady for projecting Black culture while denying Black opportunity – but that was epic.”

Les Brown wrote, “I have no trouble as an older guy appreciating this halftime show or recognizing the stars — ‘63 Impalas!!! My lane.”

Bleacher Report Tweeted with the image of 50 Cent appearing upside down, “Seeing 50 in the halftime show.”

Host of the Broncos Podcast, Troy Renck wrote “Cap tip Dre, Snoop, Mary J, 50 Cent, Kendrick and Eminem. Terrific show. Nothing will top Prince in rain in Miami. But that was nice.”

Cowboy Dallas’s reporter, Michael Gehlken wrote, “Subtle nod to Tupac Shakur during the halftime show, Dr. Dre briefly playing “I Ain’t Mad at Cha” on piano. One highlight to an incredible performance.”

Mark Kaboly looks overwhelmed with the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, “Damn. Damn.

I think this halftime show needs to have an asterisk making sure that people realize the difference between this one and everyone every other one in the history of the Super Bowl.

Well done.”

Mike Freeman wrote, The Blackest halftime show ever. The best halftime show ever. Lived up to the billing and surpassed it.”

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