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Nadia Jamil’s Heartfelt Note On Change Might Be The Most Moving Thing You Read Today

Nadia Jamil, an actor who lives with cancer, recently posted a couple of heartfelt messages on Instagram about embracing change and living life to its fullest.

As she posed in a mango tree planted by her grandmother while wearing a pink and gold gharara-kameez combo, the actor stressed the importance of living life to the fullest.

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“Here’s to us celebrating that pulsating force in our hearts, our minds, our guts,” Jamil penned down. “Here’s to us celebrating life [and] celebrating the transitions, from womb to this life outside the womb, from living in this body to the eventual truth of moving out of this body, from pain to choosing our own inner peace, from fear to choosing courage, and to winning.” 

“I have begun to love this amazing self I see and recognize as Nadia Jamil,” she continued. “I have begun to be the captain of this incredible spaceship moving through the cosmos that is my spirit,” adding, “I love this sense of being in charge of my emotional, mental and spiritual state.” 

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The actor further shed light on embracing who she is, in all her diversity. “Whatever the universe throws at me, I’m letting it nourish and train the warrior in me,” she wrote. “Even as the creative Goddess within me relishes the act of creating, the spiritual in me stirs in surrender, in finding the balance, constantly.”

On importance of celebrating life

“The queen in me takes responsibility for herself and her environment with grace… the Joker in me laughs with you all at the wonder of life! And the rockstar I have always been continuing to challenge societal constraints no soul should ever be confined in.” 

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She concluded the note with, “I’ll be 50 this year. What a beginning it is going to be!” 

Sharing a picture of her playing with a couple of puppies in a separate post, the actor called them “one of God’s greatest gifts to the world”

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“They are so sure in their convictions,” she added. “They love without [an] agenda or manipulation, without needing to walk out or give up on a relationship. They can teach us all a thing or two about staying in love. Committing to love. Taking responsibility for love.” 

Jamil, who had been sharing her journey of being diagnosed and fighting the deadly disease on social media, announced the exciting news of finally being cancer-free in June last year.

Ever since Jamil was diagnosed with breast cancer, the gorgeous actor stayed strong while recovering from it. We could not be happier that she bravely fought the disease and came out stronger. 

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