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Celebs Take A Dig At Aamir Liaquat For Posting Intimate Videos With His Teen Wife Online

PTI MNA and well-known television personality Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s intimate videos with his third wife Syeda Dania Shah making the rounds on social media in a time when PEMRA has banned even small acts of intimacy such as hugging on-screen is not sitting well with many.

In a not-so-surprising move, Liaquat took to social media to announce he tied the knot (again) last week. The news came less than 24 hours after Syeda Tuba Anwar announced her divorce from Liaquat.

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Sharing the news of his marriage on Instagram, the PTI MNA revealed that he tied the knot with an 18-year-old named Syeda Dania Shah. Following the announcement, the 49-year-old shared a video of him and his third wife in bed.

The controversial host, however, did not stop there. He went on to share a couple more personal videos on social media. Upon receiving criticism over sharing the videos earlier, Liaquat posted a message for those who are trolling his third marriage. With a picture of himself, the 49-year-old penned down a message.

“News of my third marriage is spreading like wildfire in Australia,” he wrote. “You can be jealous all you want, and a video of a husband and wife does not necessarily have to be from their suhaag raat [honeymoon]. I would also like to add that everyone can now get back to their work of gossiping, speculating, and spreading rumors.”

Celebs take a jibe at the PTI MNA

Celebrities took to social media to rip into Liaquat’s broadcasted hypocrisy for making his personal videos available online.

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Without naming names, actor, comedian, and musician, Ahmed Ali Butt manifested a rather straightforward warning as he took to his Instagram story and took an indirect jibe at Liaquat. “When you post something from the privacy of your bedroom, just remember you invited the whole world in,” he wrote. “So don’t complain after, if they don’t leave.”

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Actor Bilal Qureshi also penned a cryptic message after the video went viral. On what goes viral and whatnot, the Bharosa actor took to this Instagram story and penned down a message.

“Someone said ‘you’re not viral material, you are marriage material’. Today I saw a video of a celebrity couple and I got to know what viral material actually is.” The 26-year-old actor concluded his statement with a hashtag thanking God that he is not a ‘viral material.’

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No one has stopped talking about the controversial personality ever since he tied the knot for the third time.

Liaquat recently also revealed that his new wife has already consented to his fourth marriage. In a nutshell, it seems as if Liaquat will do anything in order to stay relevant.

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