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‘Hijab Isn’t A Choice’ – Zaira Wasim Speaks Up For Muslim Women & Takes Stand For Hijab

Muslims are having a hard time in India, especially women who are facing everyday humiliation from the Indian mobs. Indian mobs are forcing Muslim women to take off their hijabs and throwing dirty water on them who roam around wearing them.

It’s been disgusting to see what’s going in India and the way women are facing truly unimaginable. The recent development came in, Indian wings are now forcing women to choose between education and religion in which some celebrities have jumped in.

Source: Express Tribune

Ever since the BJP party took over India as the ruling party Muslims have faced endless humiliation and brutal violence. Along with the other celebrities, the former Bollywood actress Zaira Waseem also raised her voice on the current hijab row.

She weighed in on the unfairness of having a woman choose between her education and religion. She shared a detailed note on the matter.

Zaira Wasim taking stand on hijab

Unlike any other Muslim artist, Zaira Wasim showed her bravery and came in support of Muslim women who are in deep trouble nowadays.

Zaira pointed out the Karnataka incident where Muskan was attacked by a right-wing Hindu group for wearing a burqa. Zaira explained the hijab is more than a choice for Muslim women, emphasizing that it is a religious commitment.

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The Secret Superstar actor wrote, “The inherited notion of the hijab being a choice is an ill-informed one. It’s often either a construct of convenience or ignorance. Hijab isn’t a choice but an obligation in Islam.”

Zaira continued, “I, as a woman who wears the hijab with gratitude and humility, resent and resist this entire system where women are being stopped and harassed for merely carrying on a religious commitment.”

Biasness against Muslim women – Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim further elaborated the whole bias drama, injustice where they are making Muslim women choose between education and hijab. She shared, “Stacking this bias against Muslim women and setting up systems where they should have to decide between education and hijab or to give up either is an absolute injustice.”

Source: Republic World

She then raised the point where Indians have been criticizing Mulsim’s hijab as women empowerment. She concluded, “Building a façade that this is all being done in the name of empowerment is even worse when it is quite exactly the opposite of that.”

Many of the celebrities have spoken about the matter when it went viral, Javed Akhtar who clearly stated that he’s against the hijab, but condemned what happened in Karnataka. But up till none of the Khans have said anything about the incident or showcased their support.

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