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A Dream Collaboration – Faisal Kapadia Joins Junoon At Pakistan Expo 2020

Those who enjoyed the moments and lived 90s era, know the meaning of Pakistan’s pop culture. Junoon and strings dominate with their tracks.

But no one got the chance to have them on the same stage and people have waited for so long to experience this moment.

Source: Express Tribune

It all came into reality at the Pakistan Expo 2020 when Junoon and former strings vocalist Faisal Kapadia did an impromptu session and shocked everyone with a big surprise.

It was seriously a dream come true moment for everyone when Faisal joined Junoon in mid-concert and jammed with them.

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It was the iconic and once-in-a-lifetime moment that people enjoyed there. Faisal Kapadia truly showcased his friendship with the band members and took this moment to share his Instagram.  

Faisal Kapadia and Junoon band jammed together

Faisal Kapadia joined Junoon on stage where they jammed Yaroon Yehi Dosti Hai and shared the clip with the caption. “[I] had a blast last night, what a show Junoon, wow!”

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A post shared by Faisal Kapadia (@faisalkapadia)

He further added, “[I am] humbled by their kindness. [It is] amazing how 30+ years have passed by. Yaaron yehi dosti hai [This is what friendship is].

Another clip also went viral where Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed remembered their old times on stage. They were joined by drummer O’Connell and actor Omair Rana as well.

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A post shared by Faisal Kapadia (@faisalkapadia)

The clip began where Kapadia praised the legendary band and their unfinished energy.

‘You guys rock. You guys should do more and more concerts.” Azmat then joins in giving a shoutout to Kapadia as he screams, “Did I not say that Faisal is the nicest guy in the music industry? Did I not say that?” which is followed by applause and cheers from the audience.

He used to hide in cupboards – Faisal Kapadia

Kapadia continued in sharing how their long friendship, “I’ve known Ali from the times he used to hide in cupboards and I’ve known Salman from when he first wrote an instrumental song called Samina. Azmat joined by commenting now I wouldn’t be able to fit in.

Source: YouTube

On the other hand, Salman Ahmad took the mic and shared things about often rivalry amongst band members. “Tonight, I feel that Faisal Kapadia broke the ice and came to a show where many people did not show up.”

It’s not the first time Ali Azmat joined the stage with Faisal Kapadia in 2018 where they both clashed for the musical battle. It all happened before their Strings split up in 2021.

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