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‘I Feel Shy About Sharing My Images’ – Hareem Farooq Shares Her Personal & Professional Life Journey

A lot of celebrities visiting the most popular event Pakistan Expo 2020, where they have been vocal about the event and enjoying the evening.

Just like other Pakistan’s one of the finest actresses who has delivered some marvelous performances in television, theatre, and films.

Source: Express Tribune

Although she has stopped taking on some projects, that doesn’t mean she’s not involving herself in the entertainment industry. Behind the camera, she started her new journey, where she took initiative to start her venture in film production named “Janaan” and was ready to produce Heer Maan Jaa and Parchi.

While she was at the Expo 2020, she sat down with Khaleej Times and managed to discuss her plans. She also disclosed her plans in running her producer and why she decided to stick to production.

Hareem Farooq in conversation with Khaleej Times

No doubt, it’s a big and quick switch from actress to producer. Hareem Farooq said, “I always wanted to have my production house.”

Source: Khaleej Times

“I don’t believe in procrastination; if there is something I want to start in the next fifteen years, why not now? With this production house, what I am doing now is setting a strong foundation for myself, my industry, and my country. And it’s a learning curve.”

Looking at the current scenario of the cinemas it’s worse, because since the Covid-19 local cinema owners are relying on international films rather than domestic ones.

Source: Daily Pakistan

She put some light on the issues, “As far as cinema is concerned, I firmly believe that if you give the audience something unique and novel, they will accept it.”

She even shared the key element of what makes the audience rush to the cinemas, she added, “My job is to ensure that I put my heart and soul into my project and deliver it with full honesty. Then leave the rest for the audience to decide.”

‘Box Office numbers define success’ – Hareem Farooq

Hareem then dived into measuring the success of the films, “It’s a thing of a past where only the box office numbers would define the success of a project.

Source: Youlinmagazine

We have had several instances in India and Pakistan where films that did not do well commercially were declared as classics a few years down the road such as Cake and Lal Kabootar. Sometimes, niche films bring into the limelight a talent that commercial films don’t.”

She further added, “So just looking at the numbers to define the success of a project is not enough. One has to look at the bigger contribution and impact that the project has made.

Source: Scroll

For me, when fans come to me and say that I have impacted their lives through my work, that is when I feel most satisfied. I did not set up a production house to make hit films, it is there to create an impact and to leave a legacy.”

‘I feel shy’ – Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq is among all those celebrities who don’t hesitate to take the stand and be vocal over social media. But sharing personal pictures and selfies  Hareem is different from others. On handling social media, Hareem shared, “I honestly feel confused and shy about sharing my images out there.

Source: The News International

First of all, I am not too savvy when it comes to handling social media, but my team does it for me,” the star shared. “I think at times I feel that I am such a loser when it comes to social media management. I think it’s a great platform to connect with your people and share your work. Though I am yet to get the hang of it.”

Source: Mag Week

Talking about his shyness, Hareem Farooq a few months back spilled some juicy beans over her and Ali Rehman’s relationship.

‘People don’t care about your image’ – Hareem Farooq

OTT is one of the most interesting debates going on in recent times, where even big stars are starting their venture in the OTT world. Hareem shared, “Today we see biggest stars across the world venturing into the OTT platform either by acting in it or producing for it.

Source: Super Stars Bio

Even the rules of stardom have been challenged like never before. Stars can no more dish out the same formula and rely on it,” she commented.

“No matter how big a star you are, if you are being monotonous and are not putting effort to bring out something new, then people today don’t care about your image. They move on with just a click of a button. The options have increased so much.”

Source: Celebs Update

There’s no doubt, many of the actors have turned into producers and there’s a high chance of conflict and a clash of ideas. Hareem also put some light on understanding a certain pulse of an audience as being a producer. She shared, “The productions that I have been a part of either on television or in films have been very open when it comes to sharing ideas.

I won’t say that I am someone who would blindly surrender to someone else’s vision especially when I feel that there are certain questionable areas. Sometimes, you share an idea based on your own experience that you bring to the set, and sometimes your vision is corrected based on your team’s experience. So it’s two-way traffic. At the end of the day, no one should go back home sulking.”

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