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WATCH: Zarnish Khan Calls Faryal Mehmood ‘Graceless’ & Alizeh Shah ‘Disrespectful’

Known for her questionable internet fame, Zarnish Khan is back in the spotlight after hitting out at her fellow stars Faryal Mehmood and Alizeh Shah.

Khan appeared on Wajahat Rauf’s show Voice Over Man where she answered several rapid-fire questions. Her response to two of the questions really stood out.

Image: Instagram

During the interview, the model-turned-actor shed light on her passion for dance, her thoughts on cosmetic surgery, as well as her opinions of various people in the entertainment industry.

Prior to conducting a rapid-fire session, the host asked Khan whether she would have picked dancing over her acting career if it were not for the social stigma surrounding the former.

Image: Instagram

“No, that is really not the case,” she said. “Becoming an actor was more of my destiny rather than choice. But, yes, dancing is my first and foremost… one thing that I love to explore.”

In the rapid-fire session, the host asked Khan who she thinks the better dancer is, her or Faryal Mehmood. The Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi actor responded with confidence that she would win a competition against the latter.

Image: Instagram

The host was not shy to poke fun at Mehmood for her dancing skills. Khan agreed, adding, “The one thing that has been lacking these days is the grace and resistance involved in dancing.”

When it came to the question of who is more disrespectful and rude between her and Alizeh Shah, Khan responded, “It does not matter who [Alizeh is] up against, she will win.” 

Image: Instagram

Her comment, and also her question, were rather pointed since Shah has been in the spotlight for her alleged rude behavior in the past.

Have a look at the interview:

It may be recalled that Shah was called out by actors Yasir Nawaz and Naveed Raza for her lack of respect for senior artists in the industry. “No matter how famous or talented you are, you should never overlook someone’s seniority and respect,” said Raza.

Khan has lately been in the spotlight for various reasons — take the drama around her TV show Aitebaar and her comments about it, for one. The actor was spotted dancing her heart out at a wedding to an item song. Her fans and followers not only criticized her but also slammed her. They hurled both offensive and inappropriate comments at her.

Having come under severe criticism for her stance in favor of early marriages, the actor also released a statement claiming that her statement was misinterpreted and the assumptions were made out of context.

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