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‘Ya Allah Tera Shukar’ – Celebrities React To Noor Mukadam’s Case Verdict

In Pakistan, people were waiting for a long time to see justice in reality not only words roaming around the corner. There have been a lot of rape cases held, but none of them served justice and people and celebrities were hoping the same with the Noor Mukadam case verdict.

Since the Noor Mukadam murder case spread all over the media, Pakistani celebrities can be seen very vocal about the whole drama and every single one of them demanded the death sentence. And guess what justice served and all the celebrities couldn’t hold their happiness and they all react to Noor Mukadam’s case verdict.

Source: Geo

No doubt, Noor’s parents are in a great amount of happiness and relief after hearing the news. The whole nation is in relief and developed some hope that justice is still in Pakistan when it comes to women.

But the way celebrities reacted to the verdict is priceless and worth checking out.

Celebrities react to Noor Mukadam murder case verdict

Everyone might be aware that today court has announced the death sentence to Zahir Jaffer who was the prime suspect and responsible for Noor’s death.

Soon the news came out, celebrities took out their reactions and shared them over the social media platform.

Ushna Shah shared her feelings over her Twitter account, she wrote,  “Will celebrate justice once he hangs, which could take years. Side note:

If I held someone hostage and killed them, and my middle-class mother was aware of this the entire time and aided me, she’d hang too (or at least spend her life in prison). Just saying.”

Osman Khalid Butt has been vocal about the case over the past few months. He wrote I know there will be an appeal; I know his parents are acquitted;

I know we’re far from true justice prevailing. But, after months of his charade, complete lack of remorse or guilt, there’s this: Zahir Jaffer has been sentenced to death.”

Justice Served

Pakistan’s veteran actress Samira Peerzada wrote, “Justice has been served for now but a long way to go. I’m hopeful that our judiciary, our police, and our people will make Pakistan safe for our girls.”

Actor Mahira Khan also took a relief of breath, “Justice for Noor, in this world, has been served. Alhumdulillah.” In a similar vein, Mawra Hocane wrote, “Ya Allah tera shukar [Thank you, God]. Justice prevailed!”

“Justice has prevailed,” wrote Adnan Siddiqui, adding, “Death for the monster’s diabolical act deservedly so. My heart goes out to Noor’s family. Hope this brings an iota of peace to them.”

After the verdict, Shaukat Mukadam father of late Noor said, “The trial court’s ruling was a victory for justice.”

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