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WATCH: Aamir Liaquat Claims Tuba Anwar Is Still His Wife But She Denies The Claim

Although Syeda Tuba Anwar had announced her divorce from her former husband Aamir Liaquat, making an appalling move, the controversial personality now claims that she is still his wife.

Liaquat took to social media to announce he tied the knot (again) earlier this month with an 18-year-old girl named Syeda Dania Shah. The news came less than 24 hours after Tuba announced her divorce from him.

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An interview clip has surfaced in which Liaquat makes the shocking claim that Tuba is still his wife. “Tuba is still my wife,” he said. “The khula was void because it did not take my consent into account. I still respect her, and I have never spoken badly about her. She is welcome to come back whenever she wants.”

The host then asked his third wife about how she has already consented to Liaquat marrying another person. In response, she stated that her happiness depends on Liaquat’s happiness, and when asked about what she would think if Tuba returned, she said that she would treat her like a sister.

It may be recalled that Liaquat and his third wife previously made an appearance on a local morning show in which the former spilled the beans on how he met his 18-year-old wife. The 49-year-old also shared how Dania has already allowed him to tie the knot for the fourth time.

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Tuba Anwar rubbishes the claims

Tuba went on to rubbish the claims of still being married to PTI MNA. Taking to her social media handles on Saturday, Tuba penned a lengthy note in response to the TV show host’s claims.

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“I wish to reiterate that I chose to divorce my ex-husband through the court system, as per my constitutional right as a Pakistani citizen,” she wrote. “The divorce was granted by the honorable court in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

She went on to assure that “everything else being claimed on the media is a complete misinterpretation of facts and holds no value in the court of law.” Adding, “I also urge the Islamic scholars to speak up for women who choose to exercise their rights in accordance with the Sharia and Pakistan’s constitution.”

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Tuba reinstated that “Islam permits women to seek divorce if [their] marriage is no longer working,” allowing them to take a “graceful exit from a toxic and abusive marriage.” She concluded, “It is a right and not a sin.”

Liaquat might not be making this claim for the first time. Previously, when rumors of their divorce spread like wildfire, Liaquat shared an awful video of Tuba to prove they were still together.

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