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Iqra Aziz Shares Her Caesarean Birth Experience & Asks People To Stop Judging C-Section Mothers

Iqra Aziz took to social media to share her thoughts on an issue that is unlikely to be addressed openly too often — the judgment many mothers receive when their child is delivered through a Caesarean section rather than natural birth.

Among Pakistanis, Caesarean sections are viewed negatively. They are frequently considered to be ‘easy births’, a stereotype that translates into disapproval for the women who undergo them. The Suno Chanda actor shared her husband Yasir Hussain’s Instagram story about appreciating women who have delivered through C-sections. She went on to add her own thoughts on the matter.

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“I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to tell the world how Kabir was born because of our maashra [society] being judgemental (I admit I was one of them at some point),” she said, after which she addressed Hussain. “But my love, by (sharing this post) you have made me feel loved and appreciated. Love you for always giving me confidence.”

“Shout out to all the ladies who went through a major surgery to bring their child safely into this world,” continued Aziz. She went on to direct the reader’s attention to her husband’s post in case the reader is a mother who’s had a C-section.

Women who have had Caesarean births are often looked down upon. So we are glad that Aziz bravely shared the story of her experience so that she could bring awareness to this long-ignored societal issue.

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Aziz and Hussain became parents to little Kabir Hussain in July last year. Aziz often shares her experiences as a new mother on social media. The couple recently unveiled the face of their son to the public in the most social media parent way possible. They made an Instagram account for him.

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It may be recalled that Aziz and Hussain previously refrained from showing their child’s face on social media. The latter also revealed the reason for the secrecy behind not showing the face of his son. 

The couple does not shy away from discussing parenting on Instagram. The couple previously caught themselves in a debate with PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi on a father’s role in bringing up a child. Aziz had posted an Instagram picture of her husband changing the diaper of their newborn son Kabir, along with a note of appreciation for him.

However, it did not impress Farooqi, the PPP leader. She commented under the post that all good fathers do this for their kids. Hussain and Aziz were quick to clap back at her.

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