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‘I Want My Own Khal Nayak Song’ – Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Reveals His Condition On Doing Ishrat Made In China

A lot of Pakistani actors make big-screen debuts and walk on the ramp of success. Among all of those, one of the famous fashion designers and a brilliant host Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) took everyone’s heart in the drama serial “Pehli Si Mohabbat” where he acted up to the mark.

Recently he stepped into the film industry and debuted in Mohib Mirza’s Ishrat Made in China. His role was praised by a man of the fans and his acting too.

Source: Express Tribune

With his recent interview, it looks like he’s all set to make another role and he mainly considers himself as Pakistan’s Khal Nayak.

Because he revealed that there’s something that made him say yes to the villainous role and fun fact there were some conditions that he agreed on before becoming a part of the film.

In conversation with Pakistan’s famous fashion designer HSY

Speaking about his switch towards acting, HYS shared “I wasn’t in this business. I host a talk show, have been a fashion designer for a while now, I’m a philanthropist.


I was always interested in acting. I did theater as a kid, but I turned that off because I had other things going on. I got a phone call from Mohib Mirza about a film he’d been working on, and he told me he had written a character with me in mind. I’m a Scorpio, you know how it is, I got an ego boost, so I went to check out the character.”

He also shared, that it was new for me as he was heading towards the project he had full faith in Mirza and after seeking some great advice from her childhood friend Sana Saeed, HSY revealed that one condition. “One thing I particularly asked Mohib about was whether I’d get my song.

Villains rarely get their own. There was this one song, Khal Nayak, that was very famous, and I knew I wanted to do one as well,” said the actor.

Source: Gulf News

He continued, “I told him I wanted to do a song and that my shirt should come off and I should dance and there should be fire, and Mohib responded saying, ‘There will be all this and more.’”

As you have seen many of the actors focus on particular roles either negative or positive. But for Hassan, there’s not any specific one. He doesn’t believe in such a thing, he explained “I want to be a character actor, where I can become someone else. Transform my body, change my look. So, saying yes to this film was a no-brainer because of that. Now, after having seen the film, I’m glad I agreed.

Source: Daily times

HSY has been the main face of fashion industry for his outstanding design dresses and undoubtedly he’s leading it. Recently his work was featured in Vogue magazine and he was all over the moon.

He shared his happiness over his Instagram account and wrote.  “Wow. Thank you, Vogue for featuring me and my designs today and for also celebrating what I’ve always strived to bring to the forefront of the International Fashion community; our beautiful and timeless Pakistani Traditions.”

“So very happy. Onwards and upward. It was a joy to design for you my friend, Umber.”

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