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Fahad Mustafa & Nadeem Baig Get An Earful As They Come To Sana Javed’s Defense

Sana Javed has been making headlines ever since several members of the entertainment industry called her out for her rude behavior towards them and others. A few came forward to speak up in her defense, only to find themselves criticized as well.

Fellow models and makeup artists such as Ikram Gohar and Omayr Waqar among others spoke up against her disrespectful demeanor towards the people that she works with. While more people are sharing their experiences of working with Sana, some have come to her defense.

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Director Nadeem Baig took to Instagram to defend the Khaani actor. “I have worked with Sana Javed in Pyare Afzal and my experience was great and [I] found her completely professional,” he wrote. “Later, I also worked with her as an executive producer in Ruswai and the experience was great. I wish her all the best and look forward to working with her again soon.”

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Backing up the director’s statement, TV Host and actor Fahad Mustafa also came forward with his positive experiences of working with the Aye Musht-e-Khaak actor. 

Sharing a picture with Sana, he tweeted, “I have worked with Sana Javed on various projects and she’s been a part of my show for the last 2 years and in these times, I’ve found her extremely professional and humble, not just with me, but with my team too”.

Unfortunately, both Fahad and Nadeem faced harsh backlash for supporting the actor while simultaneously disregarding the experiences of many who have come forward against her.

Netizens give an earful to the two:

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Actors Hira Umer and Ellie Zaid, who played Javed’s friends in the drama serial Aye Musht-e-Khaak also shared their ordeals with the actor. The former revealed that she “relates to what everyone has shared so far”. She, however, hesitated to share her experiences due to her vulnerable position as a newbie in the industry.

Without sharing specifics, she took to her Instagram story and said, “Supporting actors are also human beings and deserve to be treated with respect. Please be kind to each other at the workplace because how you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.”

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Ellie also shared her narrative, expressing that she was “shocked” to learn that many others shared the same experiences as her. In fact, she also revealed that she cannot bring herself to watch Aye Musht-e-Khaak because of the “unbearable negative vibe on sets” created by Sana.

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Several models and makeup artists have shared detailed accounts of their experiences with Sana.

Meanwhile, the actor has decided to pursue legal action against three people. She even sued model Manal Saleem for Rs100 million in a defamation lawsuit and demanded a public apology.

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