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Carbon Copy Of Emraan Hashmi Spotted In Pakistan – Can You Tell Them Apart?

We have seen doppelgangers of so many celebrities that now there is hardly anyone who can deny their existence. Lately, we have found a lookalike of the Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi. Let us just give you a heads up — you will be shocked to see the resemblance!

We have almost lost count of the number of doppelgangers we discovered till now. One after another, a new lookalike of some celebs keeps popping up in our country, leaving us totally amazed.

Image: Instagram

Truly, the internet is a funny place, bringing all sorts of debates and opinions and causing a good few arguments. Something surprising yet interesting keeps coming up every now and then. It looks like we have found our very own doppelganger of Emraan Hashmi right here in Pakistan.

Social media users are going crazy over a mysterious man who bears an uncanny resemblance to the B-Town star. With his striking resemblance, the lookalike of Hashmi has created a buzz on the internet.

The thought of having a lookalike is both thrilling and exciting. Doppelgangers tend to woo and excite the public, especially when one throws celebrities in the mix. The striking resemblance with the Humari Adhuri Kahani star can be easily seen and we wonder if he has seen him yet.

Here are a few pictures of the two side by side:

Image: Instagram

Damn! Aren’t they like a carbon copy of each other? Same forehead, same eyes, same nose, and same jawline. They share bizarrely similar features and beards.

The resemblance is not just uncanny, it is completely and utterly unnerving. Finding your doppelganger is an achievement itself. No folks, none of these pictures have been retouched or edited. These are 100% original. There you have it, people! This is yet another proof that doppelgangers do exist in this world and these are certainly not a coincidence or photo edited masterpieces.

Social media users previously also found a Bollywood lookalike of the Anaa actor’s sister Fiza. People are comparing the bride Fiza and the B-Town legend Madhuri Dixit, and actually yes… the resemblance is quite undeniable!

We have seen doppelgangers of so many celebrities that now there is hardly anyone who can deny their existence. Not so long ago we also happened to find a female lookalike of the Pakistani former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar.

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