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‘I Know A Lot About Indian Food’ – Jake Gyllenhaal Shares His Love For Indian Culture & Food

Lots of Hollywood actors are inspired by desi things and love to indulge in desi festivals too. Among those actors, Jake Gyllenhaal who has done some great roles and given psychotic thrill movies to his fans sat down with Hindustan Times to discuss his love for desi stuff.

He expressed his love for Bollywood and showcased his desire to master the dance steps of the Bollywood songs. He even also shared his deep knowledge of Indian culture and his love for it.

Source: Express Tribune

For the past over the years, he’s been gaining every single knowledge about it, whether its food or tradition everything he loves about Indian culture.

Jake Gyllenhaal fell in love with Indian culture

Speaking to Hindustan Times, a Southpaw actor said, “I know a lot about Indian food and films. Indian culture is so beautiful, even Indian literature. I happen to be reading an amazing book right now. I mean there are so many things about India which are incredible.”

Source: Republic World

He went on with further revelation about him being a Bollywood buff. “I am inspired by Indian culture, particularly Indian movies. The films in Bollywood are so inspiring to me… The creativity in them, so much of the acting in them. I think the skill that so many Bollywood actors have is just unsurpassed.”

‘Dance and act at the same time – Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal continued and expressed what exactly he loves about Bollywood? He said, “To be able to sing, dance, and act at the same time is a real requirement, which we don’t have much in Hollywood. I have so much admiration for the filmmaking and the acting coming out of India.”

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Provided food is of “utmost importance” to Gyllenhaal, the actor is known to keep bringing up food in his conversations. “I love it. I love food, be it from India or Los Angeles,” he asserted. So about desi food, which is more than often quite spicy for those in the West, Gyllenhaal confessed, “I haven’t started [talking] about the food yet because it is probably number one for me.” He also complimented the vibrant Indian fashion, “Also, I mean the colors, and the fashion in the country is incredible.”

Source: Times of India

The Nightcrawler actor shared that he visited India before the pandemic and he’s blessed. He said, “I was just there a few years ago, right before the pandemic. I feel blessed to have been able to be there, even for a short time. You have found a huge fan of India in me.”

‘I am attracted to bad guy roles’ – Jake Gyllenhaal

When an interviewer asked him about playing roles in Bollywood in the future. He referred that he’s more attracted to playing bad guy roles.

Source: Screen Rant

He explained, “Well, that isn’t necessarily true. For instance, my character in Ambulance is a complicated person because he has been raised a certain way, due to which he plans to rob a bank. But he intends to help his brother, which comes from a good place.”

Jake is considered one of the method actors in Hollywood, surely he might face some real challenges too. Gyllenhaal imparted, “In the case of a project like Guilty, the situation was very advantageous because sometimes those constrictions and constraints make way for incredible creativity.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

It calls upon you to bring out your tools and experience. But when a movie like Ambulance is shot in small space showed us real space of an ambulance, which became difficult to act and move around in and shoot a movie in over several months.”

While shooting the film ambulance made him release that people “save people’s lives in these vehicles.” He developed an understanding and admiration for first responders that he never would have known.

Source: The Girl Sun

“I have seen ambulances pass by me many times…It made me have so much admiration for the people who do the real work there. They drive through to keep someone alive. It’s just mind-blowing. So, acting in it didn’t compare to what they do. We get our share of scrapes and bruises from the hard edges, but they are the real heroes,” he concluded.

Despite his iconic performances in his outstanding movies, he’s still away from the golden lady Oscars.

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