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Women Want To Know Why Sadaf Kanwal’s Brand Is Charging Rs30,000 For A Plain Dress

Sadaf Kanwal, a model-turned-actor, is currently getting flak for her expensive clothing line, but model Nadia Hussain has stepped up to her defense.

Social media users have called out Kanwal for setting her fashion line’s prices for a specific target group that does not seem to include the majority of the interested buyers. 

Image: Instagram

Kanwal announced her fashion line in August 2021 and launched it in February this year. Her designs feature monochrome dresses, that are minimalist and simple. The clothing line is displayed on Instagram with no link to a website, only a WhatsApp number in the bio. The prices are not mentioned on the page.

The discourse began when a social media user shared screenshots of a conversation with the clothing page, in which she had asked the price of a solid-colored brown dress. To her and our surprise, the price was quoted at Rs30,000. It left everyone scratching their heads and fuming at the same time over the overpriced plain dress that barely has any embellishment on it.

Have a look at it:

Image: Twitter

Immediately after the screenshots circulated online, the internet panned the model for charging so much for a basic dress.

Nadia Hussain comes to her rescue

Nadia Hussain did not hold back and channeled her rage into telling netizens off, saying they did not have the right to dictate what choices Kanwal makes for her business. She posted a screenshot that had part of an Instagram chat on top. At the bottom, the text “Sadaf Kanwal gets bashed for her fashion brand due to ridiculous prices” was written.

Image: Instagram

Well, what can we say?

A naive person might assume that you are getting what you pay for when you buy high-end designer brands. While the fabrics and construction are generally much better than fast fashion, you are mainly paying for marketing. Advertising in big magazines is not cheap, you know.

The conglomerates that sell high-end designer brands spend massive amounts of money to convince buyers that their brands are prestigious. That is what you are paying for. Nobody wants to wear clothes that look and feel cheap. But paying an arm and a leg on a dress that is the same quality and style as the one you can get for a much lower price is also not too smart.

Would suffice to say that we are surprised, but not too surprised as we have come across an ordinary dress for Rs49,500 earlier as well. In addition, there was another plain designer dress that cost $93,000 and left us scratching our heads. Women were left wondering what the exotic thing about the dress was (nothing).

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