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Advocating Tolerance: Ushna Shah Shares How A Hindu & Christian Helped Her Offer Namaz

Ushna Shah has always been a vocal advocate for religious tolerance and the rights of minorities. The actor, who often speaks out about ongoing political and religious turmoil in the country, recently took to Twitter and shared an instance where a Christian and a Hindu helped her offer namaz.

“A Christian and a Hindu helped me pray Asr just now and set an example of tolerance,” Shah tweeted.

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“At Nabila salon, the makeup artist for today (who is Hindu) held up the faucet so I could perform Wudu easily and another makeup artist (who did my makeup last night), who is Christian, spread out the Janemaz for me.”

Many users responded to her tweet and lauded the makeup artists. “JazaKAllah It’s a beautiful message that you spread and there are people who respect our religion and expect from us too,” a user penned.

“Every sane patriot believes in the Pakistan Ideology in true essence and so do the minority citizens,” added another user. “But it is unfortunate that very few rich families of minorities are enjoying the parliament seats and keep adding amounts to their accounts. They have nothing for their communities.”

“This is exactly how we should be with one another, we are united by humanity!” chimed in one user.

“These guys are ours, we have to protect them at every cost. They all are as Pakistani as we Muslims are,” one more shared

Shah had earlier taken to Twitter and shared two cents on how we can end intolerance towards minorities. “Want to end intolerance? Start at home: Share a meal with someone belonging to a religious minority. Use dishes from the same set. Do this in front of your children,” she had written.

Shah appears to be quite an active social media user. The Thoda Sa Aasman actor has also often spoken about her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how it affects people’s daily routines.

Triggered and angry, Shah recently shared how she was treated at the Karachi airport. She called out Jinnah International Airport’s security staff for violating her personal space without consent and also pointed out the security personnels’ unhygienic behavior. 

The actor previously spoke about an experience she had at a mall when a woman invaded her space, upsetting her enough to ruin her day.

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