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The famous actress started working in a call center after not getting work in showbiz

New Delhi (Web Desk) Indian TV actress Ekta Sharma started working in a call center after not getting a job in the entertainment industry. Ekta said that she is fighting a legal battle for the extradition of her daughter and is not waiting for a miracle. can do Not getting work since the lockdown

Ekta decided that education should be used to earn money. Ekta Sharma has acted in excellent dramas like Didi Pancha Karo, Kusum, Kem Saas Bhi Kabi Bahu Thi, Kamini Damani and Bepanah Pyaar among others. She has been modeling since school and has always worked in the entertainment industry. “I had to mentally prepare myself to go out into the real world and work,” Ekta said. I wanted to live the life of a brave woman, not a victim. Ekta Sharma said that when a person is taking extreme steps, people give great advice but do not see the life of others, how they are living. She added that she has been part of the industry for 20 years and this is the first time she is struggling to find work. Her last show ‘Bepanah Pyaar’ ended before the lockdown and since then Ekta Has not found any work in the industry.

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