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Humayun Saeed does not even know the alphabet of acting. Senior actor Firdous Jamal’s surprising statement

Lahore (Web Desk) Firdous Jamal, a well-known and senior actor of the Pakistani drama industry, gave zero marks to actor Humayun Saeed in acting. The statements made by Firdous Jamal during a question and answer session in a private TV show in the past few days. It is becoming viral again on social media.

Firdous Jamal called Humayun Saeed an absolutely worthless actor after describing actress Mahira Khan’s age as unsuitable for an acting role. During the show, host Ahmed Butt asked Firdous Jamal to name 5 names in front of him. Ga, you have given these actors a number out of 10 without thinking. When the name of the most famous actor Faisal Qureshi was mentioned, the actor Firdous Jamal gave him only 4 marks, on the name of Ejaz Aslam Firdous Jamal said that he Also around 4 numbers. When Humayun Saeed’s name was mentioned during the show, Firdous Jamal said, Leave Humayun alone, the poor guy has neither voice nor character, body language is also nothing special. When the host mentioned the name of the well-known and senior actor Sohail Ahmed, Firdous Jamal said that I will give him more than 10 i.e. 12 marks. Giving 5 to 6 marks out of 10 to actor Noman Ejaz, Firdous Jamal said. That 4 numbers are for his personality, take the remaining two numbers for acting.

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