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Sara Ali Khan’s “theft” was also caught

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) Indian film industry Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is as active on social media as her fans like her. Whenever Sara Ali Khan is at her seat location, she always gives every update on social media. According to the web report of Indian private TV, actress Sara Ali Khan recently woke up

While shooting for her upcoming project with Koshal, then Sara Ali secretly released a video of Vicky Koshal. I later uploaded this video to Instagram. Now that Vicky has seen this video, he has commented on it. Explain that Sara Ali Khan and Vicky Koshal have been shooting in Indore for many days now. Vicky Koshal and Sara Ali Lakshman will be seen working together in the upcoming film. On the set of the film, both were seen shooting on the banks of Narmada river. In the video, Sarah is seen making her hair. Hair stylists are doing Sarah’s hair and Vicky is sitting at the table right behind Sarah in her meditation and drinking tea. Meanwhile, Sarah’s mischievous smile appears on his face. This video has been shared by Sara Ali with her fans. By tagging Vicky Koshal, when Sara Ali Khan shared this story, Vicky Koshal also shared this video and commented on her story. “As long as the sun and moon remain, this will be Sarah’s job,” he wrote. This video shared by Sara Ali Khan is going viral on social media.

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