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“Even if you slap me, I will not say anything.” What happened when Faisal Qureshi gave this answer to Noman Ijaz?

Lahore (News Desk) Noman Ijaz This is the name of Pakistani TV industry that every child is familiar with. Now for the last few days we have been getting news that there was a fierce fight between Noman Ijaz and famous actor Faisal Qureshi over something. But now Faisal Qureshi has informed the fans through his Instagram account that Noman Ijaz is his life

I hold a very important position. And he is their soul, teacher and elder brother. That is why even if they slap him in front of everyone, not a word will come out of his mouth. Not only that but some of my big industry. I am the reason why everything I have learned today and everything I have today is because of them, and they have a big hand in my successes. Now I will tell you why this whole thing happened. The reason is that Noman Ijaz told his fans that Faisal Qureshi does not come to my own show because he is busy. Misinformation was spread on social media on the statement which led to misunderstanding between the two. It should be noted that what social media users have to say about this incident, you can guess from these comments. But it is very important to talk here. Artists in the showbiz industry are really so respected because we hear every day that people in the showbiz industry are trying to get ahead of each other. But this is not true because just a few days. Already a video has surfaced in which the respect shown is an indication that the style of literature, honor and respect of Pakistanis has always remained the same. He touched Naseebo Lal’s feet and kissed her hand which Naseebo Lal kept forbidding and then he also stepped forward and touched her feet. In the end, he would just like to say that giving respect does not diminish your dignity, so this is exactly what happened here. His action was highly appreciated on social media. ۔

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