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How will Prizad die? The secret of the last episode of the famous drama serial has been revealed

Lahore (News Desk) Will the fairy son die and will he meet Annie? What’s going to happen in the last episode of the popular drama serial Peri Zad? It so happens that Annie goes to have her eye operation at the request of the fairy child. But she waits for him there but Sharjeel persuades her to have the operation till

Her belt will be opened and the fairy child will come. But here also Annie’s fate was different. He goes on a journey. Wherever the train goes, he also goes there. When he runs out of money, he travels on foot. Here a person prays for him which is accepted, then the fairy-tale meeting becomes famous. Suddenly, when the fairy-tale disappears, the whole world seeks him, especially Akbar and Annie, then one day it is raining heavily. Annie and Sharjeel stopped at the station looking for her. In addition, Annie now comes to the same meeting and says that she has been looking for someone dear to her for a long time. Pray that he will find her. This voice was not forgotten by Malang Preezad, this voice was melting juice in his ears, just then what happened, now Annie’s foot slips which is supported by Peri Zad. So his hand touches her forehead which Annie It is known that this is the fairy child. After that Annie says in a dramatic way that where did I not find you, on which the fairy son says. I thought that you must have married Sharjeel. So Annie says I still love you today and I will marry you. ۔ He says that love is the only thing that can be achieved. It should be noted that there may be some different scenes in the drama but the story will be the same.

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