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Overseas Pakistanis are satisfied with the current PTI government? What was the response of Ataullah Khan Isa Khelvi in ​​UK?

LONDON (News Desk) – Leading Pakistani singer and Imran Khan’s supporter Ataullah Khan Issa Khelvi is on a visit to the UK these days and when asked if overseas Pakistanis are satisfied with the current government in the country, Isa Khelvi said Refraining from answering, he said that this is not my political visit, therefore political

Leave the questions for another time. In an exclusive interview with a private web channel, Ataullah said that by the grace of Allah, the love of the listeners was received and he could not go anywhere because of Corona. Overseas Pakistanis, after Corona, you managed to get them out of their homes, these are the people who supported Imran Khan’s government and brought it to power, now they will meet you, what are their impressions, the answer to that Ataullah Issa Khelvi said that this is not a political visit. He said that since the 80’s till now people love me whenever I come, health is good, it has become easy to reach the common man on social media and I can only pray for those who spread inappropriate news that Allah Almighty guides them. Give He said that Pakistan has no competition with any country, I come so that the immigrants can remember their culture, the coming generations also know about their culture, otherwise long live Pakistan.

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